Winged Eyeliner Tutorial (You Asked For It, You Got It!)

3:06 PM

So, I've had numerous requests from friends to make a tutorial on how I do my winged eye-liner. If y'all know me, I literally do the SAME EXACT make-up every single day. Maybe give or take a different lipstick now and then. I have about 10 essential make-up products that I use. My makeup is very basic and really only takes me about 5-8 minutes every day. Of course I've had... 8 years of experience.

 I don't get fancy with my make-up. I don't have the resources to buy specific brushes and other utensils. Usually, I make do with the brushes that come with the eyeshadow palettes. You'll see that I only use one brush during this entire tutorial and an additional gel-liner brush. I have one blush brush that I bought because it's really handy to have for contouring (I'll explain more on that in a later blog post).

This particular tutorial focuses on my eye makeup routine. It's my first time making a tutorial but I've tried my best to really lay out the most important parts (i.e, how to make the line for your "wing" at 0:50). Watch and tell me what you think & how I can improve on future videos on the comments below!

In this tutorial I used the following: (these products are listed in the order I used them in the video)

  1. Sei Bella eyelash primer (I use this because it makes my stubby eyelashes look much longer than they actually are)
  2. Physician's Formula eyeshadow palette 
  3. Mom's old eyeshadow brush 
  4. Sei Bella "Fudge Truffle" Eyeshadow #7248 (a nice brown for my skin-tone) 
  5. Innisfree Gel Eyeliner (You can use this gel eyeliner -- innisfree is a brand of makeup I bought from Korea). 
  6. Revlon Color-stay Gel Eyeliner (I use this only for the liner brush that comes with it) 
  7. Sei Bella Volumizing Mascara Black 

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