Decorating My Dream Room for <$50

9:28 PM

When I moved into my apartment I was so excited to decorate. But being in college, I quickly realized that my budget could not afford all of my dream furniture. But, I did manage to find ways to give my room the exact atmosphere I wanted: feminine, cozy, and romantic. Here are the ways I managed to decorate my room exactly the way that I wanted.

  1. Gold Polka Dot Stickers ($9): inspired by Kate Spade these added the perfect 'golden' touch I wanted for my pink & gold theme 
  2. Lace Curtains ($13) it really is amazing the effect some simple curtains can have on a room. This instantly gave my room the romantic, cozy, and wispy look I was going for.
  3. Christmas Lights ($4) I went to the dollar store and bought 3 packs of christmas lights and hung them on my ceiling with pushpins 
  4. DIY Paintings (~$17): You can get a canvas at Michael's for as cheap as $6, a pack of acrylic paint for $6, and a brush set for $5. As long as you have white paint and search google on how to mix paints to achieve different colors, you'll have a never ending supply of colors to paint whatever you want. 
For a whopping total of $43, I transformed my bedroom into the room I always wanted. These are some other ideas I considered but didn't get around to trying out. 

1. Gallery Wall: check out your local Goodwill for some cheap picture frames and spray paint them in colors that match your room. Print out pictures or paint them to decorate gallery walls like these. 

2. Monogram: Buy a huge monogram sign off of any Etsy store and hang it up 
3. Add a rug: Even if you live in a carpeted room, a patterned rug can do wonders. 
4. Hang up pictures: Get some twine and laundry clamps and you can hang your pictures like this. Take it a step further and paint your laundry clamps different colors. 
5. Check out my Pinterest board: Look at my Pinterest apartment board for some more inspiration!

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