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If you're obsessed with making your pictures look... "picture perfect" like I am and if you like how my pictures are edited, then this is a post for you. A lot of people come to me asking what filters I use for my instagram photos and here's an interesting fact: I usually don't use a filter. I have 2 apps that I use at all times and 3 features I take advantage of for every single picture. Now, if I'm feeling fancy I'll use filters once in a while but I like to have control over how my pictures turn out. Everybody has a different style, I'm a colorful and bright person, that's just my personality and I love when my pictures reflect that.

I use two apps to edit my pictures. 1) VSCOCAM & 2) Snapseed
I'll walk you through what most of my editing steps are

Here's an original of the picture I have up on my Instagram (@jadoregrace) right now. It doesn't look bad but there a few things I want to spice up.

I always go into VSCOCAM first and do two things 1) make the picture brighter 2) sharpen

I select the picture I want to edit and then the brush tools at the bottom of the app. This opens up all the filters available on vscocam. 

But, I'm not interested in the filters. I click on that tiny arrow at the bottom of the app to get access to other features. 

The white box on the bottom of this page opens up and I select the tool circled in red. This will open up different features. I select "exposure" and "sharpen" for this process. 

I turn up the exposure at most from +2 to +6. And sharpen at least to +6. Then, I move on to Snapseed. Here's where I really make the picture fit my own style. 

That selective tool is how I make all the magic happen. The select tool lets you alter three different settings: 1)brightness 2)contrast & 3)saturation. Click the "+" on the bottom and select the area of the picture you'd like to alter. 

You can see in these two pictures that I've put 3 selections on the grassy area. And then 5 selections on the wall that I'm posing against. My objective is to take focus off the ugliness off that dirt and grass I'm standing on and turn the focus on that beautiful wall and my outfit. And so I washed out the dirt and grass by turning up the brightness all the way to 100. Then I turned up the saturation for the wall so its vibrant color could be seen more easily. 

Creating this final product! This is exactly what I envisioned the picture to look like. It helps going into editing your picture having thought about what you want the final outcome to come out like. I hope this helps you make beautiful pictures and have fun editing! :) 

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