Your Fairy Godmother

10:23 PM

With weddings and other party events to attend this summer, if you haven't heard of Rent The Runway, you must check it out immediately. You know that fabulous $600-900 dress you could never afford? Rent The Runway lets you literally rent a dress at extremely affordable prices ($35-$100+). It's an amazing concept, you can wear that fabulous dress for one day and avoid paying the exorbitant price to buy it. I tried this out a few months ago and will consider doing it for weddings coming up this summer! Rent The Runway's like your own personal fairy godmother, letting you feel like a princess for your very special night (for only $35).

Here, I've tried a Badgley Mischka with some vintage gold tear-drop earrings, also from Rent the Runway! Another fun part, you can rent accessories and bags/clutches as well. They included a pack of gum with my package. Great customer service is always a plus in my book! I hope you'll check it out and if you do, let me know! :)

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