Raising Your Standard

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#MotivationMonday is the realest thing for me. I never understand why I always seem to get a case of the Monday Blues but it's always a little harder for me to get the ball rolling. I don't think I've ever heard of anybody loving Monday's, if any of you guys do, please convince me to do the same!

Given that it is a Monday and that it's usually a hard start to the week for a number of people, I wanted to talk about something that gets my heart racing and inspires me to get over the Monday Blues. Let's talk about raising your standard, your standard being what you're doing in your life now. I'm going to give you an example of how I stay motivated and hope that this can inspire you to do the same!

First, I identify what's important to me (Top 3): 1) Faith 2) Health 3) Relationships/Career

Next, I create reasons on why I'm raising my standard for these areas:
  • I want to improve my health so that I can know that I am taking care of my body
  • I want to improve my relationships/career status because it would bring a better way of life 
  • I want to improve my faith because I know that first and foremost God is there for me and relying on Him will bring the greatest results 
Finally, I set goals to improve my standards for each of these: (i.e, exercise daily, read the Bible every day, etc) 

With a clear idea of what's important and why I want it, I go about looking for role models/friends that will keep me accountable and make sure I am staying disciplined in pursuing these goals! It's always helped to start with baby steps and to reward myself when I do succeed. As time goes on, I refine my list of reasons and goals and it's an excellent exercise for understanding myself and my own identity. 

I hope this helps and that you guys can find a way to be motivated this Monday through this as well :) How do you guys stay motivated? As always, feel free to email me with questions/comments at

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