5 Ways to Relieve Stress

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Hey loves. I know it's Monday. 

Just hearing the word can be stressful right? Not to fret, I know Mondays are hard but you and I can get through the day (& the week).

If you're stressed or just feeling particularly down here are some things I'd recommend.

1. Count your blessings 

I believe that your attitude is the strongest determinant to relieving stress. I'm most stressed when I focus on what's wrong. 

So I sit down, breath, and write down a list of the things I'm thankful for. It works wonders and will bring a sense of peace and a new perspective on your problems. Most likely, the blessings you listed came out of conflicts or problems.

2. Burn some calories!

This has never failed me. Exercising distracts me from my problems and provides endorphins which make you feel happier. Go on a jog, do a little mini exercise on your floor, place your energies into exercising for a few minutes and you'll feel a lot better. 

3. Take Control and Clean, Declutter, Organize 

I'm stressed when it feels like I have no control over what's going on in my life. 

Well, here's one thing you CAN control! Organize and clean the space you're in. The end product will refresh your mind and your attitude. I'd even take it a step ahead and venture into decluttering your space. (You can start with getting rid of your clothes

Marie Kondo who wrote "the life-changing magic of tidying up" emphasizes how "decluttering" will magically change your life. We have clutter and have to clean all the time because we are constantly rearranging items we don't use. That is stressful. Relieve stress and shorten your daily cleaning time by decluttering!

4. Take Time for Yourself 

You have to learn how to say "no". 

You and I have been raised in a culture obsessed with being busy. We're told that if we're not busy.. we're not doing things right. But this isn't necessarily true. To be mindlessly busy taking care of tasks assigned by other people to your life is a sure way to pile up stress. Put yourself first and make sure your needs are taken care of. Put aside time to do the things you enjoy and it won't be as hard to serve other people in your life as well. 

I take time for myself to do little things like paint my nails, read a book, and watch my favorite Netflix shows. 

5. Take Charge of What's Giving You Stress 

What exactly is it that you're stressed about? Bills to pay, homework to do, or you don't know what to cook for dinner? Have you been telling yourself that your problem is impossible or cannot be solved? If you have... take that notion out of your head and tell yourself that you can take care of this. Because really. You can. 

Okay, now that you know something can be done, start making a plan. Give yourself practical deadlines and steps to take to solve your problem. Stop moping around and get on your feet and start taking care of it! 

The most important thing to do in moments of stress is to maintain a good attitude and search for the silver lining. No problem is too big to solve. Tell yourself you can take care of it and don't be afraid to ask for help! Monday already seems better doesn't it! :) 

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  1. I feel like counting your blessings gets so overlooked but can easily put things into a better perspective!

    1. I agree! This is my favorite thing to do even when I'm not stressed :)

  2. Exercising to de-stress is so underrated sometimes! Love it.

  3. Love these tips! I wrote a post that went up yesterday about our obsession with being busy and how it's okay to say no and to put more emphasis on our blessings instead. And giiirrrlll cleaning/organizing is a HUGE relaxant for me - YES!

    1. Haha yes! I feel like you and I would get along. Gosh I literally look forward to cleaning my room any time that I'm stressed. Thank you for reading!

  4. Busy schedules can keep me so stressed! Definitely need to keep a reminder of these tips for when the stress is overflowing! Thanks


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