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Part 1 of my journey towards #minimalism was getting rid of my books. Next, will be the hard step of getting rid of my clothes.

Get Rid of Your Clothes

This part is especially difficult for me because I love unique and colorful patterns. If I buy a piece of clothing, I'll make sure it's different. The #minimalist closets on Pinterest really lack color and have black, white, grey, or neutral. This isn't really my style and I'm not willing to give up my love for bright clothing just yet. 

If you are are like me and also love your unique pieces, then read along as I provide some tips you can actively take towards a more subtle but still minimalistic closet.

1. Know your timeless pieces and keep them

Since everybody has their own style, your timeless pieces are the ones that you feel are always on trend, you wear the most, and never get tired of. My timeless pieces were a white shift dress, white blouse, jeans, little black dress, and all of my "high quality" clothing (J-Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, Gap, etc). 

2. Designate pieces to get rid of

  • if you're tired of seeing it in your closet, chuck it
  • if it's uncomfortable, chuck it. Life is too good to be wearing uncomfortable clothing. (I actually got rid of some Lilly's because they were uncomfortable)
  • if the idea of wearing it doesn't excite you, chuck it
  • if you can't fit into it or if you've had it since middle school.. chuck it! 
  • if it's had too many washes, looks worn out, chuck it

3. Sell / Donate / Throw Away 


From the clothing I decided to get rid of, I picked out the pieces that were still in good shape and trendy and put them on Poshmark. This is a site/app you can use to upload pictures of clothing you want to sell. 

Now, I put some effort into making my pieces presentable by taking pictures of them in great lighting, with a clean background, and hanging all of them on a nice wooden hanger. You don't have to put this much effort into your sales for Poshmark but it has helped me attract customers. 

To this day I've made around ~$60 from my Poshmark sales. I'm not very active on getting my listings out in the public but have shared my items on themed parties that Poshmark hosts once in a while. They'll host themes like "Best Summer Dresses/Skirt" or "It's Party Time" and users can post relevant pieces to those "parties" and have their clothing seen. 

*I can do a separate post on advice for selling on Poshmark if you want. Comment below if so!* 

Donate / Throw Away 

Donate the pieces that you don't think will sell but are in good condition. If some of your pieces have holes, tears, and way too many washes defining them, then throw those babies away.

I am selling/donating/throwing away more than 50 articles of clothing. The only thing that's changed is that there's more room in the closet because the clothing I'm getting rid of, I hadn't worn in a while nor did I want to wear them in the future! I hope you can do the same and enjoy the extra room in your closet, Lord knows we ladies need it! ;) 

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