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I just finished reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and my perspective on my career and the workplace has changed dramatically. Lean In was a spectacular read. My eyes were opened to issues I had accepted as norms. Issues that could be solved and improved!

I wanted to outline some of the fabulous perspectives that I learned from the book. (It's $4.99 for Kindles and I promise it is a worthy purchase.)

1. Successful women are not liked

Women who are successful are not liked by men AND women alike. As women, we need to advocate for other women's successes and not be driven by jealousy. We tend to guilt the women who are succeeding in their career but seemingly neglecting their priorities in the household/family.

2. Women need to advocate for themselves

It's shown that career progression is made by men because they advocate for themselves. Women tend to believe that their skills and accomplishments will be recognized and that the promotion will be handed to them.

3. The Sheryl way of negotiating for your salary

She actually outlined an interesting and detailed procedure of how to negotiate for your salary as a woman. She mentioned approaching it with a smile and negotiating for yourself by pretending you are speaking for a group of women. This would be done by using "we" instead of "I". Very interesting.

4. How men apply to jobs vs. How women apply to jobs

Apparently, men apply to jobs when they feel they have reached 60% of the requirements. Women apply when they fulfill 100% of the requirements. I've found this to be astonishingly true in my own job searching process.

5. The view on mentors 

With such an emphasis on mentors in this day and age, Sheryl encourages us to form mentorships that are natural and organic. I am guilty of going to women who do not know me well and asking them to be my "mentor" because i knew the statistic. Her definition on mentorship is that a mentor is someone you can trust and know well and can have a two-way relationship with. It is someone who is good at problem solving and someone you should be comfortable with going to help solve your problem.

6. Equality and true partnership in your marriage

The couples who engaged in realizing the importance of career and being equally involved in the family with tasks such as taking care of the children were much happier and successful in their careers.

Sheryl Sandberg also has a TED talk titled "Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders". I highly encourage you to watch it and be empowered!
What are your thoughts on these points? If you are currently working full-time, I'd love to hear about what your thoughts have been on balancing your work and life with the thought of having a family. As always feel free to comment or email me at

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