Keep Entertained on Long Car Rides

11:36 PM

I spent 8 hours in the car this weekend driving back and forth between Fayetteville, Chapel Hill, and Charlotte. Road trips can be extremely fun or extremely tiring. We kept ourselves entertained by playing some games that really helped the time go by faster. I figured it was worth sharing some of them :)

1. The Name Game 

Say a celebrity's name. The next person has to name a celebrity whose name starts with the first letter of the previous celebrity's last name. Repeat. 

2. Guessing Game 

This one also has to do with celebrities. (Works great with 4 people). Pair into two teams. Have one member of the first team whisper a celebrity name to a member of the second team. Then that person has to describe that celebrity in one word to their teammate. If you can't get it, the next team has a chance to guess. 
Ex: I had Channing Tatum and the words used to describe him were "muscles" and "Magic"

3. Describe Your Friends 

Pick a number of your friends and come up with a kind of candy, a song, a car, a food, a drink, etc that describes them. Create a list of those things and then tell your friends! It's so much fun to see and hear them react to what you've described them as.

4. Sentence Story 

Make a story by saying one sentence each. This can be extremely hilarious. 

5. Read / Dance / Listen to Music 

Staying still in the car for long periods of time can really drain your energy. Listening to music, dancing in your seat, and having fun with your friends will really help pass the time. 

Are there any things that you guys do in particular during your car rides? I'd love to know! As always feel free to comment or ask me questions at

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