5 Fun & Cheap Ways to Have Quality Time With Your Boyfriend

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nobody is promised tomorrow, so we should make sure to spend quality time with quality people

Hi darling, are you going through that phase you want to hang out with your boyfriend 24/7 but don't want to disrespect your roommate's space? It's okay, we've all been there!

My boyfriend and I ran into this problem. It's safe to say that most people don't feel comfortable as a third wheel (can I get an amen?) I personally hate it. My boyfriend and I started our relationship spending a LOT of time together. Either I was always at his room or he was always at mine. Thankfully, I had roommates that were understanding but looking back, I'm surprised they didn't express any frustration.

Knowing that we needed to respect our roommates and their space my boyfriend and I had to think of ways to spend time together outside of our rooms and find activities to do together that were relatively free/cheap. Now that we've graduated from college, it's actually been harder to find time to see each other. With that being said, being intentional and scheduling our time together has improved our relationship so much!

How to Have Quality Time 

Before you do any of the suggested activities below, if your schedules are especially busy, compare them and pick out the free times you have. Then make sure you put aside some time for yourself. AFTER you've done that, schedule the times that you will commit to your significant other. I know it seems a bit rigid, but scheduling will make your time together intentional and improve your relationship! 

8 Fun Ways to Have Quality Time with your Boyfriend  

1. Check out a media room in your dorm & have a movie night!

In college, you have awesome access to media rooms that you can check out with your keys in the dorm. My boyfriend and I would do this, pop some popcorn and have an awesome movie night with a mini theater all to ourselves. It's so fun and it feels like such a luxury. It's amazing that it's free (I miss being able to do this so much!) We still do this now but just use our laptops as the movie screen. 

2. Combine your interests: (ex: Check out coffeeshops in the area & read a book together) 

I love going to new coffeeshops & my boyfriend loves reading. So we decided to check out a new coffeeshop each week AND read a book together. Talk about the best kind of quality time, we're both happy doing something that we love. 

3. Go on early morning walks 

If you're dating someone in college chances are they're extremely busy studying, going to extracurriculars, volunteering, etc. Some of the only time spaces that my boyfriend and I were both available to see each other were in the early mornings. We'd go on a nice little walk with a cup of coffee and made for some of the best conversations.

4. Check out events in the community calendar 

Believe it or not, your town has a community calendar and events just waiting for you to come to! We'd frequent the Chapel Hill Community Calendar and discover some exciting new things to check out.

5. Build/Make Something Together 

My boyfriend and I both LOVE food so one of our favorites things to do was to look up a fancy recipe and make it together. This way we could get quality food without having to pay the extravagant prices. We actually spent the past Valentine's Day and our 3rd anniversary doing this and had so much fun! (The picture below is the meal we made for Valentine's Day!)
My boyfriend and I are actually looking for long term "projects" that we can put aside time each week to work on. If you have any ideas, please feel free to tell me! :) 

6. Burn Calories Together 

Check out the fitness classes offered in your gym and try going to them together. My boyfriend and I have put yoga & rock climbing as things to put aside time to do together. We tried a tandem bike on the Virginia Creeper Trail and had loads of fun! We actually started dating because we ran together so working out together is pretty special for us :)

What activities do you do with your significant other for quality time? As always feel free to comment and ask me questions at! 

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