10 Things to Look Forward to in the Fall

4:04 PM

autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower

We've started getting our first traces of crisp morning air and slight changes of color in the leaves and I am itching for everything the fall has to offer. I have so many things I want to get done this fall and already have the next two weekends booked with such exciting things to do! If you're in the Chapel Hill area, feel free to click the headings to make some plans yourself! 

1. Apple Picking 

Yumm, so many things to do with apples in the fall. Bake an apple pie or make apple cider. Joe and I are checking out Devil Dog Orchard this weekend and planning on making both of the items listed! 

2. Go to the state fair 

Mark your calendars for October 15-25. Just make sure you have enough money to buy all the overpriced fried/fair foods you want! And try to avoid weekend evenings :)

3. Go to a pumpkin patch / Carve a pumpkin / Hay ride 

Most places that offer a pumpkin patch offer the two other activities listed. I'm making plans to check out Ganyard Farms  which offers so much compared to the other farms I've taken a look at! Tickets are $12/person but it's worth it for all of the activities that they offer. I'm so excited about this one! 

4. Have a Bonfire & Make Smores! 

Do you need an explanation for this? Picture this: a crisp cool fall evening, you're wrapped in your favorite cozy sweater & riding boots with a hot cup of cocoa and a marshmallow toasting over the fire, surrounded by your loved ones... yeah. 

5. Take Advantage of Seasonal Flavored Coffees (i.e, cinnamon maple lattes/pumpkin) 

6. Have Hot Chocolate at the Omni Grove Park Inn / Explore Asheville 

7. Run a Half Marathon

This is one of those things that I've always wanted to do but was always too chicken to try out. Luckily I have a boyfriend who has promised to stay by my side during the entire half marathon so I'm trying it out this fall! Watch out for the price though.. they sure are pricey! (Mine was $80!)

8. Play in a leaf pile (optional: take pictures) 

9. Go to the Farmer's Market and purchase seasonal items!  

10. Wear a cozy sweater & rock the maroons, olive greens, and cinnamon colors! 

What are your favorite things to do in the fall? Jadore! 

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