My Perfect Handbag & What's In It

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stylish, minimalistic, & versatile. my perfect handbag

Post-graduation, it was time to move on from my Longchamp and my tiny Dooney & Bourke crossbody bag. I had 3 qualifications my "big girl" handbag had to fulfill. 1) It could fit my laptop 2) It had multiple pockets 3) Classically made with high quality leather. The Jet Set Travel Bag fit these qualifications and fit within a reasonable price range (it was still a bit pricey for me but the quality was well worth it). 

Like #1: Pockets

The pockets are wonderful and I'm a fan of that clip-on in the middle. The pockets let me organize the things in my bag that I grab frequently such as my makeup, writing utensils, and wallet. In total, there are 5 pockets which is more than enough for me to organize my essentials. 

Like #2: Size & Sturdy Straps

Overall, the bag fits my 13" Macbook Pro perfectly and the straps are sturdy and don't place pain on my shoulders. 

Like #3: Leather that doesn't wrinkle

I wanted the Saffiano leather because it remains taut and keeps the form of the bag from wilting. I've been using it for 3 months and there are no wrinkles. A big thumbs up for Michael Kors! I'm not one to excessively clean my bags and cautiously keep them from touching the floor and the leather has remained satisfyingly clean. 

Like #4: The Deciding Factor b/t the MK & Kate Spade/other brands (The price & color)

As I wanted to keep my purchase below $300 it boiled down to this bag or a Kate Spade tote. I ended up picking this Michael Kors one because Kate Spade didn't have the soft brown color I was looking for. I also looked into Coach, Longchamp, Tory Burch, and Anne Klein but their prices were either too expensive or I didn't favor their colors.

So there you have it, with these four factors this bag has easily become my #1. 

As I'm doing a review on my favorite bag, I decided to throw in something a little extra.. 

What's In My Bag? 

I like to keep a minimal number of things in my bag to reduce weight. These are the things I guarantee I'll always have with me. 
  1. Daks wallet 
  2. Kate Spade Watch 
  3. A pair of earrings that will always match my outfits 
  4. Renew Lotion from Melaleuca 
  5. Exceed Gum from Melaleuca
  6. Makeup (Revlon liquid eyeliner & YSL lipstick) 
What are the things you always have in your bag? And what is your favorite "big girl" handbag?
Jadore! As always feel free to comment or ask me questions at!

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  1. ooo thanks for the heads up on the Melaluca products! I'll have to check those out. I always have liquid stevia for spontaneous coffee stops, random pens and waaaay too many lipglosses for one human :)


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