July Goals

1:33 PM

Flowers I got from modeling for Southern Weddings!

The past three months have been a crazy time of transition. Between getting married, moving to a new city, quitting my job, etc. there were a lot of things that were "up in the air" about my life. Now that we are finally settled into our new place, I have really enjoyed establishing a routine with my husband, even the little things like him making the bed as I make our coffee and breakfast fill me with so much joy!

Now that we are "settled" (although there's plenty of work to be done for our apartment in terms of decorating) I have the space to set some goals for myself. One of the best things about having this blog is that I have a space to keep myself accountable and to stretch myself creatively and professionally. The best way has been to start each month with some tangible goals. So, here we go!


  1. Finish our herb garden and balcony plan STILL IN PROGRESS
  2. BUY a washer & dryer (#AdultLyfe) TBD
  3. Read two books  DONE
  4. Take a day beach trip with Joe DONE (We went to Atlantic Beach for the day and had so much fun!)
  5. Take a camping trip  DONE
  6. Get back to working out at least 3x a week (Yesterday was the first time I worked out since our wedding...) DONE
  7. Take steps towards planning for our next big purchases (a grill and a TV) TBD
  8. Be intentional in my communication with friends 
  9. Eat at B's Barbecue (how have we been in Greenville this long and STILL haven't tried this place out!) STILL IN PROGRESS
  10. Capture daily memories 
  11. Find ways to serve, respect, and love my husband! 
  12. Find a good morning routine that will energize me and motivate me for the day! 

  1. Apply to at least one job everyday (STILL IN PROGRESS: I haven't been as intentional about this as I should be, but still working on it!)
  2. Be intentional about networking in our new city DONE: It's been pretty easy to socialize with multiple social events being run through the medical school
  3. Take a course to improve my marketing skills STILL IN PROGRESS
  4. Blog at least three times a week ALMOST: This wasn't necessarily accomplished in July, but we'll get there!
I'm so ready to take full advantage of what this month has to offer!

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