August Goals

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I can’t believe that it’s already August. It seems like July just FLEW by! I had goals for July, some of them were accomplished…. Some weren’t. But that’s okay! The best thing I’ve learned to do for myself is to forgive myself and give room to grow. To check out the progress I made in July, check it out here.

August brings a month of new adventures and new routines to pick up. Joe started medical school this week and I started a new job so our days are about to be much more structured than they have been the past few months. We’ll have to be a lot more intentional with the time we spend together!

This past Sunday, our pastor talked about how he made a list of goals with one hundred items. And it really got me wondering, I wonder if I have a HUNDRED goals for myself. It seems like a lofty number but an intriguing life, the kind I want to live. I’m thankful for a new month and an unlimited number of possibilities for living the life we want. And so following in that suit, here are my goals for the month:

  1. Be a great host to my in laws as they come stay with us the weekend of Joe’s White Coat Ceremony - I loved playing hostess! You can read all about it here.
  2. Play “makeup artist” for a friend (I’ve always wanted to do makeup on the side, so I figured now is the best time to pursue something like this). - I didn't get a chance to do this yet but I've made new friends since then so this will definitely happen!
  3. Read two books - Haha, I barely made progress on the two books I set out to read.
  4. Finish our balcony plan (We want this set-up before Fall so that Joe has a place to study other than inside of our apartment and the school) - STILL IN PROGRESS!
  5. Keep working out at least 3x a week and make the 530 AM classes so that Joe and I will have our evenings free (for us and for social events!) - This is the most consistent part of our days and it is definitely because of Joe. Praise the Lord for him!
  6. Host any of our new Greenville friends for dinner (even possibly make it a themed dinner party?!) - I got to connect with some friends I knew in highschool and invited them over for dinner! I just love having a space to host friends in.
  7. Visit one of our friends that live in another city - So I had planned to do this and magically I left my computer in my friend's car so I got to visit my friends in Chapel Hill and then again in Wilson! How fun :)
  8. Dedicate a weekend to being active with Joe (open to: camping, outdoor activity, etc) - did not get a chance to do this yet but with Fall foliage we definitely will have to!
  9. Continue the hunt for picture frames (and the start of a gallery wall) - still in progress!
  10. Make solid plans for washer & dryer (do we want one or not.. Dilemmas I can explain but I think you’d rather not read about) - We got a washer and dryer for $50! It was definitely a God thing. We had been debating and thinking through making a big purchase for some new ones or just going to for used ones and then a resident in our apartment complex basically was willing to give them away for free so we got really lucky!

And for my professional goals:

  1. Apply to at least one job every day
  2. Blog 3 times a week (sometimes life gets in the way and this definitely didn’t happen in July, but it’s still a goal I’m aspiring to!)
  3. Take a course to improve my marketing skills
  4. Make some tangible goals for the blog (like trying to find a niche!)

What are you excited to accomplish this month? Would love to hear your goals!

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