September Goals

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Oh my gosh, you GUYS! I don’t know why but September 1st is always such an exciting day for me. I know many people love summer the most but I am definitely a Fall / Spring gal so my favorite time of the year is quickly approaching!

August was a fun month, it sure did fly by! Joe has been getting more intense with his studies and I’ve had to venture outside of him to really make some friends in this new town. I’m a social butterfly at heart so this was something my heart was ready for and I’m so excited for the new memories we’ll make with our friends here during this season! If you want to check out the progress I made on my goals for August, you can read them HERE.

My bucketlist for this month is more centered around all things Fall and I am so excited!!

  1. Get patio furniture!! This has been on my to-do list for TWO months now! I’m having a hard time committing because I haven’t found any that I love but it’s time to make decisions. - this still hasn't happened! It will! One day!!!
  2. Bake something “pumpkin” themed (I’m thinking pumpkin bread) I loved THIS RECIPE which I made for my bible study girls.
  3. Go to a pumpkin patch and have a pumpkin decorating party! - We will definitely do this in October
  4. Go apple picking - sadly did not get to do this!
  5. Do a fall foliage photoshoot with hubby! - Better suited for October!
  6. Check out a fall festival in the area - also better suited for October!
  7. Keep working out 3x a week! - Joe and I definitely slacked in this area, but we'll pick it back up!
  8. Start a bible study with the MS1 wifeys! - Bible study officially started and the past month has been a wonderful time of getting know the gals!
  9. Go to an ECU Football game - hopefully we'll get to do this in October!
  10. DRINK A PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE - I meant to do this the first day of Fall but it didn't happen haha...

Professional Goals
  1. Finish at least 10 hours of marketing coursework
  2. Keep applying to jobs daily - Got a job!
  3. Blog 3 times a week - This was the first month that I successfully did this!

What plans do you have for the month of September? I’m always looking for things to do so put your suggestions below!

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