Champagne on a Beer Budget

9:40 AM

If you’re the gal that has champagne taste but a beer budget, raise your hand!

I am most definitely the gal that has champagne tastes with a beer budget, it’s frustrating in many aspects of my life like when I was planning my wedding. Oh goodness me, trying to plan a champagne wedding with a beer budget was a challenge in itself!

So imagine my delight when I found out I could get my “champagne” clothes on a BEER BUDGET! Are you still with me? Because this is about to get reaaaaaaal good. (Hint: I have an awesome promo code coming for you at the end of this post!) ThredUp High quality on a budget

Okay, enter ThredUp. Their mission is to “Think Secondhand First”. They understand that quality is important but also take into account that many consumers have a BUDGET to stick to!
Y’all they are making it possible to shop that champagne dress with your beer budget!!!! (Are you getting tired of this analogy yet? I’ll stop now.. hehe)

Okay, I’m not kidding you when I saw they have all the brands you love (well if you love the same brands I do) you’ll see Free People, Madewell, J Crew, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, etc, the list of high quality brands is endless.

I couldn’t contain my excitement and immediately diverted my eyes to the casual dresses (I could always use more of these for the work place), snagged me a Soft Surroundings dress, and couldn’t keep my eyes off of these! I got two high quality dresses for under $60 and saved over $200! ThredUp High quality on a budget

Okay, so are you convinced yet? It gets better.

Thredup has provided a special code just for my readers.
Type that in after filling your cart and the FIRST 50 users to take advantage of it will get 50% off their entire order. Don’t walk, run.

This order is valid until the end of November. Now would be the perfect time to snag a dress for the holiday parties coming up. ThredUp High quality on a budget

Thank you ThredUP for sponsoring this post.

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  1. I totally have champagne taste on a beer budget, so I love the idea of ThredUp!

  2. Ooh that sounds great! Love ThreadUp.

  3. Never heard of ThredUp, but it sounds great! And I love that dress!

  4. I never had much luck with ThredUp, but I love your dress!

  5. I really need to use Thred Up more often!

  6. I have never used Thred Up before but I will have to check it out.

    xoxo, Paige

  7. I'm on a beer budget too and love finding new affordable shopping options-- this is awesome!

  8. Thred Up is always fun to peruse when I'm needing something specific!

  9. I have the same problem! My budget is never on my side hahaha

  10. What a great idea! Will be checking out!


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