February Goals

7:00 AM

Ahh, it’s the second day of February and I just took a look back at my 2017 Reflection and 2018 Goals and I’m happy that I’m achieving a goal on that list -- TRAVELING! We’re in West Virginia at the Showshoe Ski Resort with a group of friends and my heart is so happy. I don’t know what it is about travelling that I love so much but I love getting to know a world outside of my comfort zone and opening up my perspective. Today I was so fascinated by the people here who are fully decked out in top notch ski gear and it just let me know a little bit about the world a little more. (Are you following with me or is this not making any sense?)

Anyways, it’s a new month and I’m astonished that January 2018 has passed by already. I’m excited for what February has to bring!

February Goals

1. Celebrate Pizza Day (February 9th)

2. Bake Valentine’s Day Treats

3. Take a Valentine’s Day Cooking Class with Joe

4. Read a Book

5. Start a Professional Leasing Class

6. Go to a Superbowl Party

7. Figure Out What I Want to Do for my 25th Birthday!

8. Start Training for our Half Marathon

February is such a short month, we’ve got a lot to work on to get things done this month! Let’s do this guys!

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