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Jadoregrace.com / Our Patio Furniture and How We Make Big Purchases - Joss and Main
Our Patio Furniture from Joss and Main

"Get patio furniture." This item has been on my GOALS list for, I kid you not, several months.

If you're new around here, you should know that I type up my goals every month. It's a fresh way for me to get a perspective on the things I want to achieve and give myself some tangible ways to get those goals accomplished. Writing what you want to accomplish down can really do big things for you. I like to write my goals down in my Write the Word journal and carry them around with me. 

I'm learning the art of patience especially with things like this. The first time I put "Get patio furniture" on my list, I wanted to pounce and purchase the first item I saw on Wayfair. But, Joe and I have several factors that we keep in mind especially if we are trying to make a big purchase like furniture. Each month, the timing wasn't right and it wasn't financially wise for us to make the purchase.

Jadoregrace.com / Our Patio Furniture and How We Make Big Purchases - Joss and Main

How we decide to make big purchases:
Joe and I have a "deal" where if he beats his average test score (he's in medical school), we can purchase something on our "want" list (of course, given that it is financially sound). For example, if he got a 96 one test round, he needs to beat that average in order to get a "reward". We started it with an average test score of 95. We both believe in working hard for the things that you want and so if I want something (especially if it needs to be bought) it needs to fit the budget AND I need to accomplish something to earn it. 

--Side note - I believe I'll keep this philosophy when it comes to our children. We won't necessarily throw money at their education, but if they are excelling, I will definitely reward them! --

Why I Decided On This Patio Seti
I'm a perfectionist when it comes to making a purchase. Even if it's something as small as an alarm clock, I need to research all of my options and it needs to check all the boxes in terms of functionality, quality, price, etc. The following are the boxes I needed to check for my perfect patio set:

- Parisian / European Inspired: I've always been inspired by Parisian and European decor and I wanted something that made me feel like I was in Paris or a nice brunch spot on a weekend.

- Durable and Able to Withstand Outside Elements: I needed it to last several years (high quality) and withstand the elements that come with being outside (rain, wind, etc). Therefore, a cushion set didn't make a lot of sense to me, although, it was initially what I had wanted.

- Already Assembled: I didn't want to spend dreadful hours trying to put it together and this set would come already assembled, all I had to do was take it out of the box!!

- Aesthetically Pleasing: I saw so many ugly patio sets that were brown or black and although functional that just didn't match the look I wanted.

- Budget Friendly: With a newlywed budget, I didn't have thousands of dollars to spend on a cushy patio set (nor did I want to!) and this one fit our budget.

Jadoregrace.com / Our Patio Furniture and How We Make Big Purchases - Joss and Main

This set fit all the check marks and I'm so happy knowing that our money has been well-spent on a patio set that I know we will enjoy and love for years! When I am getting ready to make a purchase, I make a list of all the things it needs in order to feel content with my purchase. And this is how I make sure I get my money's worth! I'm delighted to share this patio set with you guys.

Jadoregrace.com / Our Patio Furniture and How We Make Big Purchases - Joss and Main

I'm curious, do you guys have patio furniture? If you do, what kind do you have and how have you liked it? 

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