The Ultimate Summer Boston Bucketlist

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The summer of 2018 was the best summer because Joe and I got the chance to spend it in BOSTON! He had a research opportunity and I didn’t have any major obligations tying me down.. so we decided to reach for the stars and just GO for it! Boy am I glad we made that choice — we came out of this summer having a love for this beautiful city and for the hustle and bustle that eastern North Carolina doesn’t have. 

After having spent the summer there, I compiled a pretty extensive list of AMAZING things to do. I hope this list will serve you if you plan to visit Boston during the summer. It's pretty long but I put all of the activities that are absolutely worth it on here. 

These are not in any particular order but ALL of the activities listed here are absolutely amazing and worth checking out during a summer in Boston! This is just a list of activities, a list of where to get the best food will be coming in another blog post! 

*indicates free activity 

1. Run/Walk on the Charles River Esplanade* / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

The Esplanade can be accessed from multiple points in Boston and is worth checking out, especially when the sun is setting. Walking along the river will inspire you multiple levels. If you’re running, you definitely will NOT be alone, it’s a great motivator. After all, this is the city of the Boston Marathon! 

2. Check out the Boston Public Library* / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

A classic, don’t miss out on the stunning architecture. Have afternoon tea and read a book out in the courtyard! 

3. Check out the Museum of Fine Arts / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

Definitely worth checking out. We lucked out on Memorial Day Weekend with free museum admission. 

4. Have a picnic at the Boston Public Garden / Boston Common* / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

The summer weather in Boston just can’t be beat. Grab some cheese, cold cuts, and your picnic blanket and spend a wonderful afternoon people watching and just enjoying the beauty here!  
*image c/o of Boston Magazine*

5. Go to the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

This place is tucked away with over 280 acres of land. Open from 10 AM - 5 PM, there is no admission fee. It's a quiet escape from the bustle of Boston city life, you'll enjoy a nice walk or bike ride here!

6. Go shopping at Prudential and Newbury Street / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

You will be able to get some serious shopping done here. 
*image c/o of Playworks* 

7. Grab drinks at Top of the Hub and take in the views / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

You’ll get the best views of the city here. Just make sure you’re ready to commit to the $24/person minimum if you want a table. 

8. Ride the ferry to Charlestown / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

You can read more about our experience riding the ferry here. The tickets one-way are $3.50. Once you get to Charlestown it’s really easy to walk around and there are places you can grab some food at! 
*image c/o of flickr* 

9. Walk along the Harbor Walk and then catch a movie on a Friday Night at the Boston Harbor* / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

The harbor walk is a great walk to enjoy the water and have a great conversation with your loved one. After the walk, catch a movie at the Boston Harbor Hotel. This makes for a great night and during the summer, they show some pretty great classics. Joe and I watched “When Harry Met Sally” and it was the perfect date night! 
*image c/o of Boston University*

10. Walk through the gates at Harvard University* / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

It’s a pretty cool feeling to walk through the campus where several legends have received their education. 
*image c/o of Fortune* 

11. Check out Hillsong Church on Sunday* / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

It was a pretty cool experience to listen and learn from the church whose worship music I had been listening to from childhood. It’s a great church to check out in Boston! Side note: if you are in need of some church recommendations for Boston, please message me and I will be more than happy to assist you! 
*image c/o of Hillsong Church*

12. Go grocery shopping at the Boston Public Market / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

Shop inside the market as well as the market outside during the summer. If anything, go and visit to experience the amazing produce that is offered here! 
*image c/o of Craving Boston*

13. Walk through Fanuleil Hall Marketplace and Quincy Market* / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

There’s always a dance group doing something outside Fanuleil Hall and plenty of shopping that can be done. You can grab something to eat at Quincy Market (although, I would suggest you grab food at the other amazing restaurants nearby!) 

14. Go to a Red Sox Game or go on a Fenway Park tour. / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

Hot dogs, beer, and a classic Boston experience. I went on the Fenway Park tour with my brother and had no idea I would enjoy it that much. I'm not even a fan of baseball but I LOVED learning about the history at Fenway Park, it is definitely worth it! 

15. Go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

This is a beautiful museum that you could spend several hours in. This is where I met the courtyard of my dreams! 

16. Get a cannoli at Mike’s Pastry / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

Okay, I know that I said I wouldn’t talk food in this post but this is like one of those classic Boston activities that just has to be included on every list! 

17. Spend July 4th on the Esplanade* / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

If you will be spending July 4th in Boston, I highly recommend you go to the Esplanade. The Boston Pops play and a variety of amazing artists will perform the most amazing show you will ever see. Plus, you’ll be able to catch the fireworks right there. Be prepared to make it an all day thing so you can get some nice seats! I would highly suggest bringing a picnic blanket, some snacks, and sunscreen. There are vendors there that you will be able to buy food from and water stations. 

18. Go on a Duck Tour / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

If you do ANY tour, this is the tour you need to do! You will learn all about the rich history of Boston and even go in the water in the duck boat. It’s a pretty cool experience and well worth it! Quack, quack! 
*image c/o of Smart Destinations*

19. Take a cruise / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

Take a cruise to enjoy the water and the beautiful skyline. We took a sunset Jazz cruise and it was the best experience ever.

20. Grab drinks at the rooftop bar at The Envoy Hotel / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

This one is worth it for the views. Be warned, the drinks will be a bit pricey. But really, the drinks are going to be a pretty penny anywhere in Boston! 
*image c/o of The Envoy Hotel*

21. Grab coffee from Thinking Cup Cafe / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

Might I suggest a matcha latte with oat milk, I had my first oat milk experience here and I will truly never forget it. 

22. Watch Shakespeare on the Common* / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

This is a wonderful production put on during the summer at the Boston Common. You can watch Shakespeare on a pleasant summer evening. Bring your picnic blanket, some wine, and plenty of snacks and get ready to experience the beauty of Shakespeare, it is truly a remarkable experience. 
*image c/o of Hearing Loss Association of America* 

23. Go to the Museum of Science / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

Check out a light show here, you can also practically spend a full day here with all of the exhibits. Pro tip: Go on a duck tour and once you do you will receive a booklet full of discounts for all different kinds of activities in Boston! We used the booklets to get $10 off our admission price to the museum! 

So here it is, the ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist! Are there any things that you've done in Boston that you think need to be on this list?! / The Ultimate Boston Summer Bucketlist

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  1. Ahh how fun!! I've never been to Boston but I really want to go sometime in the fall. I'm pinning this for my trip!

  2. I've always wanted to go to the Boston Public Library! These other places look awesome also.

  3. So many fun things to do and see in such a historic and beautiful city! Love your picks!

  4. Awh, such a fun bucket list! Wish I was in Boston!


  5. I have never been to Boston before. I would love to go one day. I'm adding it to my list for sure.

  6. I've never been to Boston before but I've heard NOTHING but good things. It's on my U.S. bucket list!!!

  7. what fun ideas! i've never been to boston in the summer!

  8. I really need to go to Boston more, I really love that city! I will definitely be sure to check out the Boston Public Library the next time I'm there!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  9. Thanks for this guide! I really want to go to Boston – my boyfriend is a big Red Sox fan, so he's been many times, but I have not made it up there with him before!

  10. I’m ready to go back to Boston and check off these items! That cannoli is calling my name!

    xo, Leanna |

  11. I used to live in Boston an this list made me so homesick for it. I love all your suggestions!

  12. I adore Boston! I have only been there once but cannot wait to return soon! Thanks for the list - saved!

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  14. Thanks to the staff at this place for making our event so enjoyable and if I ever get married. I know where to go! Great job all of you. Price was not too bad, considering the quality of food and beverages. Everything at this event space Atlanta was excellent.

  15. I want to go to Boston so badly!! It looks adorable

  16. such a great bucket list! going to the top of the Pru is super fun. We eat at Top of the Hub each year for our dating anniversary which is the floor above!

    Xo Mindy


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