November Goals

7:00 AM

I cannot believe that October has flown by.. it seems like just yesterday I was getting excited about our trip to the mountains. Work and life sure have kept me busy!! 

— Friendsgiving (This is my first year properly planning a date for this that works for our group and I’m so happy about it!!) 
— Half Marathon (I cannot believe I’m doing this to myself again but, yes, I’m running another half marathon.. prayers are appreciated!)
— Thanksgiving Trip 

— Baking a pumpkin pie. Surprisingly I’ve never baked one. You know the kind with the fall leaf crust, yup, that’s the kind I want to make this year. 
— I found @neatmethod on Instagram and I’ve been pondering ways to make this a career of sorts for myself. Anybody else love organizing like I do ?! 

— I didn’t read a single book and that makes me sad because reading is a habit that I really want to pick up. Drop any book recommendations that you have below in the comments section! :) 


— Get plans together for my hubby’s birthday! (We had a low-key birthday this year and celebrated with his family being in town which was nice!)
— Read two books (did not get around to doing this..)
— Make eye appointment  (went to my eye appointment had a wonderful experience if you live in Greenville definitely check out Carolina Vision Care!)
— Complete decorating my office space at work (I don’t think this will ever be complete, to be honest, there’s just too much that I want to happen and as of right now the budget says no)
— Reorganize linen closet (We reorganized with some closet baskets and our linen closet has never looked better!)
— Visit a pumpkin patch (We got to visit a wonderful pumpkin patch during our trip to Boone!)
— Bake something pumpkin themed (Made some pumpkin bread and even shared with my new coworkers, I love being able to do that!) 
— Work out 3-5x a week (Working out during my lunch break has helped out a LOT with accomplishing this goal!) 

— Read a book 
— Keep a gratitude journal or wall or tree 
— Start my mornings in the word and in prayer 
— Design and Order Christmas cards 
— Workout 3-5x a week 
— Get our 2nd Live Christmas Tree 
— Have a friend over for dinner 

— Make an effort for less screen time and more quality time! 

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