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This past week I went to Massage Envy to get a facial like them on Facebook here), and I was very excited to rejuvenate my face and to see the results. I left the hour-long session refreshed and so excited at how soft my face was. My esthetician was so knowledgeable on products that you should use for your skin and the building itself was sparkling clean and had an incredibly relaxing atmosphere. The staff is friendly, super knowledgeable, and have tried out the Massage Envy services themselves so they can guide you in the right direction.  

After you check-in for your appointment, you will fill out a survey so that the esthetician can best serve your facial needs. During this time, you’re given an overview of what your facial experience will be like. You can control the warmth of the bed that you lay on as well as the volume of the music that is playing in the room.  

To help you guys better understand what the facial experience is like, I’m going to answer some of the questions you asked me on Instagram 

Massage Envy Facial Q&A 
Is the facial for everyone?  
Yes! There are even facials for men available. The facials at Massage Envy are completely customizable for all skin types.  

What can I expect during the treatment? 
You will lay in a warm bed with soothing music in the background and your skin will be cleansed and prepped. Then, according to the conversation you have had with your aesthetician on your preferences, they will start giving you a customized facial that will provide you the elements you’re looking for. In my case, I wanted to moisturize and brighten up my skin. During the session, a shoulder and arm massage will also be incorporated.  

Can I wear makeup to the facial? 
Yes, you can! Cleansing your face is the first step in the process.  

How much is the facial? 
For an introductory 60-minute facial, you will get a rate of $55. If you sign up for a membership with Massage Envy, you can get a complimentary facial incorporated into your membership monthly!  

What products do they use?  
Massage Envy actually has just started using Obagi skincare which apparently has created extremely happy customers. My esthetician used Obagi on my face during my facial and I was very happy with the results!

My Thoughts on the Facial 
For me, Massage Envy checked off all the boxes. (And that’s a big deal given that I have pretty high standards and want to make sure my face is getting the treatment it needs!)  

The staff at the front, the esthetician, right down to the cleanliness of the building made me feel relaxed and confident that I was going to get the perfect treatment for my skin.  

Given that they are the world’s #1 provider of skin care services, it made sense that I was so happy with my experience. I will definitely be going back to try out their other skin care services (I have my eye on the Microderm Infusion). Get your skin ready for summer and visit your local clinic or go online to book a facial today 

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