Christmas Cards with Basic Invite

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Snail mail is my absolute favorite form of mail, whenever I do get a piece of mail delivered to me by a friend, there’s a joy that is different than when I get a text from them.

I don’t send out snail mail often but when I do it’s for Christmas! Are you that person that proudly displays the Christmas cards they’ve received on their fridge? We definitely do that in our house and we want the people we love to know and see how we have been doing for the past year and this is our favorite way to do it! My favorite part of this season would be seeing all of the Christmas cards with photographs!

For the past two years, I’ve worked with Basic Invite on our holiday cards. You can see our cards from our first year of marriage and then our second year of marriage. As you can see in our card for our third year of marriage, we’ve added a furry little companion and his name is Banjo and he is basically our child.

If you’re looking for holiday photo cards for 2019, Basic Invite is the place to go!

Basic Invite is my favorite to use for the following reasons:

1) Easy to use, aesthetically pleasing web design platform

2) ADDRESS CAPTURING SERVICE (mark my words, this will save you time you never knew you could have taken from you)

3) Completely customizable

4) Unlimited options & Colors

5) FOIL OPTIONS - give me all the gold! 

For all of my fellow entrepreneurs and hustlers, there are even corporate Christmas card options. Don’t sleep on Basic Invite, right now they are offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51. Go ahead and order your cards now so that you have enough time to send them out for Christmas!

Make sure to follow Basic Invite on social media @BasicInvite for more inspiration for any of your card and invitation needs :)

Thank you Basic Invite for sponsoring this post

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