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Whew, well it's that time of year isn't it. The time to start buying presents. With it being Black Friday tomorrow, I figured it was the appropriate time to post these gift guides. I've posted mostly from retailers that are very easy to shop with.

I want to go ahead and thank everybody who may use the links that I provide in these posts, I do make a small commission on the links if you use them and purchase from them. I've put a lot of time into putting together these gift guides for you with products that we LOVE and CHOOSE every day so it would mean the world to me if you used the links to show your support for this little blog of mine :)

Also another disclaimer before we dive in, I'm a big fan of sticking to your budget. Just peruse the finance section of my blog and you'll quickly see that I am a big fan of purchasing what you need and when it fits your budget. With that being said, you'll see that these gift guides may hold some pricey items. I am also a fan of saving up my money to purchase items of quality that I know will last for a while. With this knowledge, do not feel like you HAVE to purchase anything. These gift guides are meant to serve as a source of inspiration for all of your gifting needs.

With no further ado, let's dive in.


Joe's Personal Favorites
3) Lululemon Joggers - my man basically loves anything Lululemon and he lives in these joggers all winter
4) Airpods - I don't know what he did without these airpods! They really are great for him because he walks a lot to and from the hospital and he loves to run and these are perfect for that
6) MeUndies: Okay, I know underwear is a weird item to put on the list but after all it is the one item that we need to wear every day. My man is VERY picky with his clothes and he raves about these underwear.
7) Satchel & Page - I couldn't link this satchel but he loves this piece. It was definitely the piece that was missing that took him from "student" to "doctor" status. Such great quality leather, we are in love with this piece and I have my eyes on many other items on their page. This particular page is the "Founder"
10) Google Home - Honestly love using this paired with our smart lightbulbs. Our goal is to have an overall smart house so this gives us a great taste of what that will be like.


My Personal Favorites 
1 + 3) The Laneige products: I don't go to sleep before putting this lip mask on and the face mask has helped me out of some dire and dry situations, worth it!
9) Every girl needs a nude lip, seriously! Tarte would be my favorite nude lip right now
As you can tell from this list, I'm very big on self-care items and every woman deserves to treat themselves once in a while so any of these picks would be great!!

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