My 5 Favorite Hacks for Instagram

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Instagram - wow, I don’t think I’ve ever covered Instagram on the blog but TODAY is the day!

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Today, I’m sharing with you my F I V E favorite Instagram hacks to use on my feed. These are little tips and tricks that have been very useful to me as a blogger but also have just been fun for me to work with!

1) Changing colors in Lightroom

If you don’t know about Lightroom, it is an app (you can use it both on mobile and on your desktop) that lets you edit your photos. I love to use this app because of how flexible it is.

So one way that I use Lightroom frequently is to change my lip color. As a blogger, I don’t take pictures of my outfits every single day. Instead, I batch about five outfits in one shooting in one day. I used to change my lipstick depending on the outfit I was wearing but most recently, I haven’t been doing that as much. And so, if I want my lips to pop in a particular picture, I will use Lightroom.

1) Go into your lightroom app and click “color” and then click the “mix” icon.
2) Click the color red, and change the luminance. By decreasing the luminance, I have now given off the look that I have red lipstick on! So fun isn't it?!


2) Snapseed Healing Tool

Many times, there are objects in the background of my pictures that ruin the aesthetic of the photo. To fix this, I love to use the Snapseed Healing Tool!

Okay, so for this picture, I am going to be trying to take out the ADS sign in the background.

Open up the Snapseed app, click tools, click healing, and then zoom in and click over the sign and it will immediately be covered up. This tool comes in pretty handy if I want to take trash cans, cars, or even people out of the background of my pictures! 

3) Changing the color or look of the sky

Sometimes the sky is a bit gloomy and I don’t want it to look that way in my pictures. Enlight has a lot of really cool enhanced features that I like to take advantage of and this would be one of them! 

Open up the app and click on the "sky" icon.

You will see plenty of options for making the background of your sky pop in your pictures. Pretty fun! 

4) Portrait Mode with Quickshot 

People used to ask me all the time what kind of DSLR I use and they would always be shocked to find out that I actually take all of my pictures on the phone. The portrait mode on Quickshot is also a great way to give off that DSLR look.

Once I click that "Portrait" icon, the background blurs out and I am now the focus of the picture. I love having the effect of the blurred out background and this is one of the ways that I do that! 

5) VSCO for slow-motion videos

I love to use VSCO to make my Instagram story videos a bit more interesting. Go into your VSCO app, click on the camera icon, and then at the bottom you will see “DSCO”. Click on that and hold down the button to take a video. VSCO will add some cool filters to your video for you that make it look more vintage!

What are some of your favorite Instagram hacks?! 

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