My Experience with the Keto Diet and Keto Flu!

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WHAT IS THE KETO DIET? Basically from what I gather, it is eating foods high in fat, moderate protein, and keeping carbohydrates at a very minimum. The point is to get your body in ketosis and convert it from burning carbohydrates to eventually burning your fat cells.

  • Ranch chicken with broccoli salad and stir-fry veggies
  • Egg Roll in a Bowl 
  • Chipotle Inspired Taco Salad 
  • Roast Beef with Keto bread, shredded brussel sprouts, and cheese
  • Shrimp with Cauliflower grits 

On Day 3, I started to experience what they call the “keto flu”. I didn’t think that it would happen to me but it hit me suddenly and I was experiencing dizziness, headaches, muscle aches, my thoughts were clouded, and even my nose was running! I drank a “keto lemonade” that helped alleviate some of the symptoms but for the first night it was still pretty rough right up until bedtime!


I decided that the keto flu was not worth it to me, I felt absolutely terrible. It’s interesting because my husband didn’t have any of the effects that I did. This just shows that every body is very different. I ended up deciding that this diet was not worth feeling extremely sick. We went to brunch and I was so extreme in ordering carbs, I was DESPERATE to get back to feeling normal!

I got pancakes with blueberry compote AND home fries! I went a little extreme hahaha. But! As soon as I had the food, the muscle aches disappeared, my vision got clearer, and my headache was slowly starting to go away! I kid you not, I have never experienced such a drastic difference in my bodily well-being EVER.

I honestly don’t think I will try to do keto ever again. Ever since getting magically healed from the keto flu I have almost been forcing myself to eat carbs at least once a day to make sure it doesn’t happen to me again.

When you are doing keto, you are essentially SHOCKING your body. It is a dramatic difference and everything you eat affects your brain chemicals, your muscle function, and your mental status.

Day 5: I woke up with an extremely raw nose that was dry. Made a mental note to go to sleep with the humidifier on. Maybe another effect of getting over the keto flu but I spent the day at work continuing to wipe my runny nose and sneezing a bunch. I still woke up with a headache but it wasn’t as intense as when I had been depriving my body of carbs. My brain is still kind of foggy and my body didn’t feel quite at 100% but it was much better than it had been a day ago!

Day 6: I woke up and I felt like a truck had hit me. Extreme fatigue and sore muscles along with a runny nose and headache. I seriously contemplated calling in sick for work but I got up and shoved two ibuprofens down my throat, a whole cup of salt water, took a vitamin D pill, and took some elderberry syrup for extra measure. I know, I know, I get a little extreme sometimes but I was desperate because I didn’t want to miss a day at work. I had gotten up 3 times during the night and I woke up at 6 AM but just back in bed until about 7 because my body was freezing. I seriously thought I had the real flu at this point but we checked my temperature and I didn’t have a fever it was the strangest thing! I spent all day at work feeling miserable until around 4 PM when I actually started feeling better and I went home and ate dinner and went to bed at 7 PM haha.

I did eat carbs all day (breakfast: avocado toast; lunch: bacon and eggs; dinner: cauliflower rice with trader joe’s orange chicken).

Day 7: Woke up feeling much better, still had a runny nose but the headache and body aches were gone which was GOOD! No fever either. Still not clear-headed but I had more of an appetite than I did the other day. I really don’t understand the stuffy nose but my nose was RAW from wiping it all day. And then as the day progressed, my thinking was still foggy and my nose pressure was getting higher and stuffier.

It essentially took me a week to get over the #ketoflu even after I had been eating carbohydrates. Props to all of the people who do it but keto was not for me!!! I think I’ll stick to doing Whole 30 next time ;) I hope this review helped for anybody who is wanting to try to do the keto diet or is currently going through the keto flu right now.

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