Organizing Our Kitchen for the New Year

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Hi friends! If you have been keeping up with my Instagram, you know that we have been organizing our entire home throughout the month of January.

One of the first areas that I tackled was our kitchen, other than our bedroom, I spend a large chunk of my time here. I'm very particular about keeping it clean and I need it to be efficient and easy to get around because I work in it often. Each year, I find better ways to organize my kitchen and this year did not disappoint!

Since we moved, I have not formally introduced you to our home so I plan to do that this year. I'm so happy to bring you into my kitchen. It's not PERFECT (I mean, will it ever be?!) but if this can help anybody, that is what will make my heart happy!


Here is the shell of our kitchen, I keep minimal appliances on the countertops. I like my countertops to be as empty as they possibly can be and really work within my cabinets and drawers.

I have my kitchen organized into different ZONES. I like to keep items in cabinets and drawers close to where I use them most frequently. I have labeled the zones in the pictures below so that you can have an idea of how I function in my kitchen.

Knife set // Faux Flowers // Flower Vase // Soap Dispenser // Drying Rack // Kitchen-Aid 

Okay and now we are going to get into the deep and dirty corners of my kitchen. Well, they're not dirty but you get what I'm saying.

Okay I'm going to show you what the insides of each of the drawers I've labeled looks like and try to explain why I've organized them in this way..

cups & wine glasses: when cleaning out this cabinet, I donated all cups that didn't match and kept the ones that did. We've broken some along the way so one of these days we'll purchase another set or maybe we'll go crazy and just have a cabinet full of mismatched cups we'll see.

silverware: in addition to the silverware, I like to keep our pot holders here (so I can grab them easily), lighters for when I'm lighting candles to make the kitchen smell good, and clips for any bags that I need to seal. 

kitchen tools: Here is where I keep the kitchen tools that I use one in a while but not on a daily basis. 

Tupperware: this drawer needs some boxes of its own because it easily gets disorganized and each tupperware pile needs its own home but for now, this system works! 

Plates & Bowls: not much of an explanation needed here.. :)

Measuring Cups:  I use these items on a daily basis while cooking so it was pretty important for me to keep them at arms reach. 

Spices: I love to use a lazy susan for my most used spices. And then I have spice bins on the second level that hold the more specialized spices in alphabetical order. 


Cleaning Supplies: I have two separate bins underneath my skin holding the cleaning supplies that I use frequently in the kitchen. 

Baking Items

Mixing Bowls & Kitchen Tools: This is my "junk" drawer in the kitchen where I kind of just threw everything that didn't really fit in anywhere else. 

coffee mugs & tumblers: These are placed right above my coffee maker for a reason :)  I also have the humongous La Creuset pot in there because it didn't really fit in anywhere else haha. 

Pantry #2 & Kitchen Appliances: That pantry drawer has a lot more going on inside than it looks like and then I have my other kitchen appliances and some wine stored in the other cabinet. 

So there you have it! A good look into what my kitchen looks like on the outside as well as the inside. I love to cook so this space is pretty important to me! 

I'd love to know if you have any questions or if you organize your kitchen in a specific way. Thanks for stopping by to read the blog!! 

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