I'm Such A Girl: Pink Edition

10:36 PM

First of all, Happy Memorial Day! I hope everybody's had a wonderful day with family (I sure did) and have remembered all of our brave soldiers. What would our country be without them!

And now I bring to you a post dedicated to pink. Y'all, I'm not exaggerating when I say this is my favorite color. Literally, the keyboard I am typing on right now is pink and so is my computer case. I can't help it, pink is absolutely adorable to me. To further prove this, I decided to wear my favorite pink romper. Pair it with my trusty Jack's and some hoops and I feel like gold. No fancy accessories really needed, the pink does enough eye-popping for me ;)

Anyways, we went to the mall with my cousin and Grandma today and I found out that my cousin never had the chance to try on prom dresses in Korea. Y'all should have seen the utter happiness on her face when she tried on a prom dress, she absolutely loved it! It's amazing how confident you can feel when you look fabulous in what you wear. Later, we met up with my parents at Moe's (Mondays at Moe's mean $6 Homewreckers, no better deal than that guys) and we were completely obnoxious (aka laughing our butts off) and ended the night with some Sweet Frog. All you really need is some good company to have a great day and I'm glad I'm getting the time to spend some time with my family.

I'm not lying when I say pink is my favorite color. These are some of my daily accessories. Oh, and can you tell that I'm kind of obsessed with Kate Spade? 

Today's outfit is REAL simple y'all. Appreciate the beauty in simplicity. Also, my hair just needs to grow a little so that it can transform from a "Ooh, she needs a redye" --> "that girl has great ombre hair!" 

Hair all over my face, adslfjeliajds;lfkjadk. Yeah. I promise to bring you better poses in the future. I'm still kind of awkward in front of the camera which is ridiculous considering how much I love having pictures taken of myself. 

Outfit: Forever 21 Romper (Shop similar style here) l Jack Rogers

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