A Beautiful Purpose

6:45 PM

Jadore my loves, I’m back! And my purpose now is more beautiful than ever.

Do you want to know a funny little thing? When I started this blog, I thought I MUST blog about clothes and beauty. That limit became very real when I ran out of clothes to wear and couldn’t justify buying more. And so, I stopped.

Discontent settled in my heart for a full year because I loved this blog. I had put long hours into making it display who I was. Just to stop working at it was like stopping work on myself. That’s when the light bulb lit. This was MY blog. “Jadoregrace” could be my creative outlet of all things that I adore. I realized there was so much more of GRACE that I could share other than my love for clothes and beauty. I recognized that I was inspirational, dynamic, and multi-faceted, everyone is!

I’m passionate about adventure and I love a good cup of coffee. I love trying out different workouts and exploring healthy recipes. I will download at least 5 different calendar apps in an attempt to organize my life perfectly. I Google everything. I’m always looking for ways to save money. I’m taking advantage of free classes like Google Analytics and to expand my skill sets. I love editing pictures for Instagram and have about 10 photography apps. I’m learning how to appreciate being alone as solitude in God. I journal every morning and night.

To summarize, I’m learning about who I am and what I love. Most importantly, I’m learning to love who I am. And, this is the perfect place to do it. This is my way of discovering myself, I’d love for you join me.

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