The Beauty of Learning

10:38 AM

Learning is beautiful, I see this more clearly now that I am officially graduated from college. There are no classes to go to, so any learning I do now is completely independent. The good thing is that with technology there are no limits to how you can learn.

Here's how I'm learning these days:

1. TED Talks: this platform represents everything I adore. Intelligent, caring, and creative people pursuing real dreams to change lives and sharing this knowledge. Now that I have a bit more free time, I've taken to watching at least one video a day. Here are some I recommend
2. Net Resources
  • If you're a UNC student, your onyen gives you access to thousands of instructional videos. Examine your career path and what skill sets you'd like to learn that may not necessarily be taught in your classes. You can try to find them here! I'm currently taking this class on Excel
  • Google Analytics apparently a program that multiple businesses utilize for their success. There's a class starting June 23rd to receive certification and the best thing is, it's free. 
3. The Ultimate Book of Wisdom
  • YouVersion is available on mobile as well as the web. I think that reading the word should be the one thing that never stays out of your schedule. I love to click the microphone and have the Bible read out loud and keep up with a reading plan provided by the App. I just finished the reading plan called "Pray" and I would definitely recommend. 
Any creative ways that you guys are learning and educating yourselves this summer? I'd love to know!  

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