Best Coffee Shops in Chapel Hill

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There are a few things I wanted to bring to this blog and #ExploreCHwithGrace has been one of them! I wanted to give a UNC-Chapel Hill student's perspective on the best kinds of restaurants, areas to hang out, coffee shops, etc are. It's always fun to find out that there's something in the area you never knew about.

Today I'm going to cover Coffee shops. These are the coffee shops I'd recommend you go to for studying, reading, or meeting up with a friend! If I had all the money in the world, I'd spend all of my time in coffee shops. It's too bad that lattes never go for much cheaper than ~$4. These coffee shops aren't in any particular order of favorites but I'll add a remark with a * for the ones I particularly adore.

Caffe Driade : tiny coffeeshop with limited indoor seating but spectacular outdoor seating. The best affogato* in town and their coffee is amazing. Play live music every once in a while and have awesome sweets as well. There isn't any wifi, so be warned.

Open Eye: this seems to be my go-to. They have a great chai latte* except they put 2 shots of espresso in it as well. That's a combination of my two favorite caffeinated drinks (lattes & chai). Also have a great assortment of hot teas and lots of indoor seating. I've always gotten macaroons here if they are in stock. Great for studying and hanging out with friends.

Looking Glass : another one of my go-to's. An awesome spot for studying as well as enjoying a weekend afternoon, especially when the weather's nice. They have great outdoor seating. I love their iced lattes and their hot teas. When I'm in the mood for a treat I love their huge chocolate chip cookies as well :)

Johnny's Gone Fishing : The cutest coffee shop in Carrboro with interior that makes you feel like you're at home or your grandma's. They have an interesting raspberry mocha latte that's definitely worth a try. Some other interesting flavors here like Peanut butter latte and other syrups. Definitely worth checking out.*

Bread & Butter: To be honest, the interior is pretty dull. They have spacious tables and it's a really quiet coffee shop. Better known for their baked goods. Awesome for studying if you're in need of a really quiet place.

MarketStreet Coffee Shop: There's a great market street over by Meadowmount. Real small, about 5 tables but when you go during the day the lighting is spectacular as well is the coffee. They also have amazing baked goods and just a friendly and easy going environment. Real classy crowd coming in and great spot to study in a quiet and clean setting.

Jessee's Coffee & Bar : Awesome brunch/lunch food here* But they have great coffee, italian sodas, and cappuccinos. Highly recommend getting their french toast and biscuits and gravy. Great for studying as well but there's high traffic on the weekends and they close by 5 most days and 2PM on Sunday.

Oasis at Carr Mill : If you're looking for a place with warm toned interior and all-around peaceful aura this is the place for you. The interior is incredible, you'll feel like you're literally at an oasis. I'd recommend their hot chocolate*. There isn't any wifi here but you'll get a good read/conversation in. The owner is really friendly and they have some out of world seminars here. Worth checking out if you're looking for a really new and different experience.

Caribou: more mainstream, but the coffee here is always reliable and you might have trouble finding a parking spot but once you get a seat it'll be worth your stay. Awesome for studying and meeting up with friends! I love their hot chocolate, I get it every winter.

Starbucks: The Starbucks on Franklin is always full but also always a pleasure to work at. Great for studying if you only need space for a computer or a single textbook, they have tiny tables. A great place to stop by in between classes or if you're trying to meet with a friend but it'll probably be hard to find a seat. I love asking for my drinks in a mug whenever I come here* and plan to stay for a while.

Root Cellar: Plenty of seating, wifi, and great coffee as well as food! My favorite part about this place is the paleo menu items that they offer, just love that stuff! They make a MEAN chai tea latte, I mean my absolute favorite chai tea latte. This place is always popping on the weekends, especially during brunch hours. They also have wine, pastries, and little cute jams and other trinkets. So worth checking out!

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