How To Give Your Apartment Personality

7:18 PM

While I'm getting ready to move out, many of you are moving into a new space.

I wanted to share a list of items you could use to bring personality your living space. Click on the item names for links to sites that I particularly adore!

  1. Multiple light sources: Nothing made me happier than coming home to a bright room, lit by christmas lights, lamps, candles, etc. I had 4 lamps in my room, that's how essential brightness was for me.
    Lace, christmas lights, and antique lamps.

  2. DIY Paintings: Having my own paintings in the kitchen and my room really made the space fun. All of my paintings were bright and definitely had traces of pink in them.
    DIY Wine & Design with Carolina
    Evelyn Henson inspired
    Charm is deceptive painting
    Paintings for the kitchen 
  3. Wall Decals: I'm a fan of everything Kate Spade, especially her 2015 planner with the gold dots. This inspired me and I ordered gold dot decals for my own room! 
  4. Picture Frames: There's nothing better than coming home to pictures of your loved ones. 
  5. Vanity: I really decorated with my personality on my vanity by using painted wine glasses to hold my cotton balls/Q-tips and used gold holders for my accessories.
    Vanity table with pink christmas lights
    Upgraded Vanity II 
  6. Kitchen Appliances: Since you're in college, you don't need to have classy China. Have fun with colorful plates and fun kitchen appliances! 
  7. Mugs: The best nights spent in my apartment were the nights snuggled up in bed with a cup of tea in my favorite mug (probably with Netflix playing in the background). 
    • If you're a fan of local goods, you'll love Jessica Hunter Ceramics. She creates absolutely beautiful & creative mugs. 
  8. Plants: Plants really bring a lot to your space. I loved having an orchid in my apartment but you can also go for succulents (which are extremely easy to take care of) or others. 

Orchid Plant 

What special items do you use to bring some personality to your apartment? As always feel free to comment or send me questions at

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