Loving My Space

9:38 PM

Here's what I've done all weekend:

  • Read 
  • Eat, Exercise, Sleep
  • Take care of items on my "To-Do" list 
I didn't have any events planned, meet up with my friends, or go on a grand adventure. As an extrovert, this is not my ideal kind of weekend. I love to be surrounded by people at all times. I started this blog as a means to discover myself and to spark inspiration. I'd have to say, it's been successful -- I am more aware of who I am and want to become. I am inspired daily. Best of all, I'm excited to learn and to keep learning.

This is why I've come to appreciate the beauty of being alone. When I'm alone, with no distractions, I have the space to focus on what I want for myself. I may be speaking for myself, but with my active involvement in social media, it's hard to be content with being alone. There are always new and exciting things to be discovered outside of my space. But sometimes, cherishing that space will do more for you than that exciting event going on this weekend. Maybe this is just a part of the process of growing up or prioritizing what's important to you. 

I've set near impossible goals for myself, but only because I believe they can be achieved. 

When you have near impossible goals to achieve... sometimes, you'll have to spend a few weekends in, for yourself. But ladies (& gents) if that's what it takes to become and discover your full potential, I'd say it's worth it. Dream big and keep working, even if it means that you'll spend a weekend with yourself :) 

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