Post-Grad Problems: Making Time For Friends

6:24 PM

Hey you, post-grad. You're probably getting back from a long day at work(or a long day of looking for jobs) and reminiscing on the days when you had your closest friends right down the hall. It's hard to make time for your friends especially this summer, being #adult is strange isn't it? Worst of all, it seems your best friends are starting lives(lives with jobs) that don't include you.

This summer has flown by and looking back, I wish I had taken active steps to spend quality time with my friends. But, there's still hope! We're only getting busier and I think it's important to put in the effort to sustain your relationships. How? Here are some ideas:

  • Plan Ahead: Your friends aren't a few dorm rooms away from you now. Make time in your schedule to PLAN to see them and do the things you guys love doing together. (Grab some food/drinks, catch a movie, baby-sit together, craft, have game nights, etc) 
  • Look for Events in the area: If your friends are close by, look for events you can go to together
  • Do things all people have to do-- Together: With all kinds of different job schedules (I'm looking at you Nicole, working the times that I'm sleeping, you go CNA!) you really have to work around trying to do what is absolutely necessary for them, with them. All people have to eat, work-out, etc. Make plans to do those things together! 
  • Make a club: I snagged this idea from a picture I saw on HONY. This woman made three different clubs that shared the interests of her friends and met with them weekly. I thought it was just the most adorable thing!
  •  Plan Trips Together: With full-time jobs, your free-time now seems very important. Planning trips for those holidays or even for a weekend with your friends will give you the chance to keep in contact (especially with the ones far away) 
  • Keep in Touch: I know this one's a given, but seriously, find out what significant events are going on and ask them about those big moments. Showing you care with a text, email, or even snail mail will go the longest mile. 
How are you guys keeping your post-grad relationships going? I'd love to know and add some ideas to my own list! 

P.S. Three days left to enter my giveaway for two sets of thank you letters! 
P.P.S This one's dedicated to all my best friends, I love y'all! <3 

As always, feel free to leave me questions/comments at or below! 

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