Time is Gold

11:48 PM

Time management is one of the most valuable skills you can have. Right now, I'm obsessed with two apps (accessible on iPhone & Macbook) that help me manage my time.

  1. Calendar app (Macbook): So user-friendly. I like the ability schedule 30 minute increments. Best of all, there's a space for you to expand on ideas, notes, and attachments. (If you want a more detailed break-down on how I use the calendar, shoot me an email at 
  2. Evernote:
     I'm obsessed with checklists and this app provides that. It also lets me put my emails, documents, random notes, etc, all in ONE space. Better yet, I have access to all these notes on my iPhone, computer, and my kindle. I don't know why I didn't start using it sooner! 
These would be my top 3 tips for managing your time well: 
  1. Make lists: Wake up, make a list, and tackle it!
  2. Convince yourself: Make sure your tasks are aligned with your goals (to have a certain career, to be healthy, to become a better person, etc) and convince yourself that it's important to get them done. Trust me, you'll power through your list like it's nothing. 
  3. Be flexible: Prioritize your day and get your important items done. If you don't finish everything, don't be too hard on yourself. Find a routine that works for you and reward yourself when you cross off a task! 
Are there any unique ways you use to manage your time? 

As always, feel free to leave me questions/comments at 

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