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9:23 PM

Looking back at my time at UNC, I wish I had listened to what GRACE(aka myself) wanted. My life got exponentially better once I started pursuing the things I loved and prioritized.

If I had any tips for you guys still in college this is what I'd say:

  • Devote time to extracurriculars: 90% of my conversations with interviewers were about my extracurriculars. No kidding. Drop the organizations you're not passionate about and put in your all into the ones you do love.
  • Observe what you're doing in your free time: What articles are you reading? What seminars/clubs do you like? Take note of these things. By recognizing what you enjoy doing you can start developing your passions.
  • Have role models: Who do you admire? Research how these people achieved their success. This will give you an idea of how to start paving your own path to success!
  • Cross off the activity you're doing because you "have to": For 3 years I did things I "had to" like working at a research lab and taking extremely difficult science classes. Later, I ended up taking extremely difficult economics classes but LOVED them! There's a difference.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions: You're surrounded by an accessible network of intelligent students! If you see someone doing something incredible, ask them about it and try to learn a thing or two. Always develop yourself and your passions.
  • Develop a relationship with your professors:  You can get to know professors on a personal level through their office hours.  Professors care about you, they aren't just machines who teach and grade! Take advantage of that.
  • Make time for your friends: Yes, your academics and extracurriculars are important, but your relationships are as well. If you're not making time for your friends, then you need to work on your time-management skills, don't take them out of your life. Their support and love will be needed when those tough times roll through.   

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