How to Start Weightlifting

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To date, my exercise of choice is cardio: mostly running or the elliptical.

That gives me a cardio body -- relatively fit, thin, but not much muscle. But, I'm not content with "thin", I want to be strong. I know that to make #gains, weightlifting is a necessity. And not weightlifting 5 pound dumbbells, but really lifting like such:
Woman of Power

Seriously, how did she do that?! I want to make #gains but really, it's so difficult. Let's be honest, that weight section is pretty intimidating for us, seeing women in that section is a rare sight.

With weightlifting, I think you have to put your foot down and just do it. Disregard not knowing what to do and potentially looking stupid, educate yourself and take it slow. To ease myself into making weightlifting a routine, I found some really helpful resources:

1. Lift with a friend 

 I asked a friend who was already lifting to help me out. This gave me more confidence and a better understanding of how to lift weights

2. Spitfire 

I just recently ran into this app. Sadly, it's only compatible on Apple products right now but the app is amazing! It offers a "beginners" routine for women who want to get into weightlifting. Complete with guided pictures, a timer, and an aesthetically pleasing layout, you can look like a pro.

3. JerseyGirlTalk

This is a fitness blogger who offers a 12-week regimen for starting out. Just take a look at her progression pictures and I guarantee you'll get the motivation to want to lift weights. She also has diet advice and recipes!

Starting the journey to weightlifting is hard. I know, I've been trying to be consistent with it for over 6 months. But here's a fact that might help you start your journey: weightlifting burns more calories throughout the day than a long cardio session will. And you'll be strong, guaranteed.

If you've been weightlifting, I'd love to hear about your experience thus far! Feel free to leave comments or ask me questions at

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