What A Realtor's Day Looks Like

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Being a realtor comes with its pros/cons and it was interesting to see what a day in a realtor's life looks like. Here's a run-through of what it looks like to be a successful realtor. To put it in three words: It's Hard Work.

7-8 AM: Wake up, look immediately at new house listings to see any potential houses for clients. Eat breakfast and make calls for follow-ups, to move forward with transactions, and to squeeze in any last minute house showings or client meetings. 
8 AM - Noon: Keep busy. Go look at new houses that have potential and examine them for the basic things a good house needs: roofing, heating and water, energy sources, flooring, parking, and house layout/space. While driving around to examine the houses, my realtor was constantly on the phone with her accountants, clients, mortgage brokers, etc, literally everybody that she works with. I don't know how she managed to stay on the phone at all hours of the day but that's just part of the job. 
Noon - 5 PM: Every day looks different but typically this time is ideal for house showings for the clients that don't have 9-5 jobs. 
6 PM - 9PM: Actually, the busiest time for a realtor during any weekday. This has to do with the fact that many clients who want to buy a house have jobs from 9-5PM and can only meet during this time. There are different things done during this time ranging from meeting with new clients, showing houses, completing transactions. 

To put it quickly, she worked every day from 7 AM - 9 PM with few breaks in between. During her breaks she's constantly busy looking at new houses, completing paperwork for transactions, and making calls. She's extremely successful because of how hard she works, but it is extremely hard work. I was exhausted after following her around for two days. I guess it comes with working in a city like Boston :)

The top 2 memorable places to visit in Boston were the following: 
  1. Top of the Hub: a restaurant/bar located at the highest point in Boston. Extremely ideal to check it out at night and see all of the lights. It comes with a $24 charge per person to sit at a table but it's worth it for the view. The food was mediocre but you really can't get this view anywhere else. 
  2. The Boston Public Library: This is the most beautiful library I've ever visited in my entire life. Looks like something that came out of a Harry Potter movie but the interior of the building is absolutely magical and there is a courtyard on the outside with a fountain and extremely ideal outdoor seating. I fell in love with the place every day and would visit it every day if I had the chance to live in Boston. 

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