7 Things to Do the 1st Week of College

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Walking down Franklin street today, I couldn't help but smile. There were so many young and excited faces as well as many returning college students. The streets were jam packed with cars of people moving in and the feel of a new college year beginning is in the air.

For UNC students the first day of classes is next week. I couldn't help but think about how happy I was for all of the freshman. How excited I am for all of the seniors getting ready to cherish their last year. What a beautiful time it is!

The first week of college is so fun and it's the best time to find a niche of friends and to make goals to try new and exciting things. These are the seven things I highly encourage all of you take part in!

1. Two words: Free stuff 

You will be swarmed with free things. So many free things you won't know what to do with yourself. Go to all of the events listed in the planner that your college gave you. I guarantee you there will be free food, free prizes, everything will be free! Go to your events with large bags that can hold the abundance of free things you will be handed, you won't regret it. 

2. Be Social 

This first week is the best time to make some new friends. Talk to your neighbors in your dorm building. Go to events and find people that you can relate to. Exchange phone numbers and have a good time! 

3. Sit in The Front Row 

Okay, maybe not the very front row. But go to your classes and try to sit in the front. Trust me when I say that you won't regret it. The primary reason that you're in college is to get a good education. Learning this material will be really important for the years to come. Many times, it will feel like what you're learning is pointless but always remember to look at the big picture. The front rows are usually where the hardworking (or overachieving) people are and you have high potential to find an excellent study partner sitting right next to you. These people will also be reliable friends to turn to when you have to miss classes and need the notes. 

4. Get to Know Your Professors

Introduce yourself to your teacher and have a head-start in making your face and name recognizable. Your teachers will be your best resources and have the potential to become excellent mentors. Put their office hours into your planner and try going to them, even if it is the first week. Your professors are amazing people and will be essential people to have on your side for your future! 

5. Sign Up for Groups! 

Join the social media sites that are related to your college and get the latest scoops! Most college campuses have awesome Facebook sites. UNC has "Overheard at UNC" and "UNC Answers" as well twitter and Instagram sites. Also find the places or events you can ahead to sign up for clubs you may be interested. This will be the best place to meet some friends who share similarities with you. 

6. Be ready for your classes 

Soak in all of the fun and excitement of the first week but also check your class sites to see if you have any assignments due the first week of classes. You'll soon find that college classes are very different from highschool ones, it's best to be prepared and ready to dive into your work. Make sure to check your e-mail for anything your professors have asked you to do. 

7. Brace Yourself 

Brace yourself for an amazing year ahead. This will be a year of growth, learning, joy and sadness. Whatever you do, stay true to yourself and do the things you love. Never question yourself and go in ready to conquer the year! Best of luck, I am so excited for you! 

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