JadoreMinimalism: 1. Get Rid of Books

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My apologies for being MIA for a few days from the blog. I packed up my entire apartment and moved and the process of cleaning/unpacking/organizing has taken too long.

During this process, I realized that I need to live with less. I was packing away things I had never used in the entirety of the two years I'd been at my apartment. When everything had been unloaded, this is what the living room looked like: (it's horrifying)

I. know. It was ridiculous. I got into my apartment, stared at the mess, and cried for ten minutes because I hate messiness. So, I set my mind on taking on a minimalist mindset and purging everything that was unnecessary.

There were and still are many steps to the purging process and I wanted to walk you guys through what I'm doing. I realized my clothes and my books would be the easiest place to start. I'll take you through the steps of what I did with my books and managed to make $50 from the process!

Decluttering Books

1. I separated my books into "keep" and "lose" piles. 

The books I kept were the ones I knew I'd come back to read several times such as classics or really significant books. Everything else I put into the lose pile. I ended up keeping 15 books and selling/donating exactly 100 books.

2. I inputted ISBN #s into Excel then searched 3 sources

After recording all the ISBN #s, I input them into three main sources: Bookscouter, Amazon Trade-In, and

Bookscouter will input your book's ISBN into about 20 buy-back sites and let you know what prices they will buy it for. For me, the highest was $12 and the lowest for a book was $0.17. Most of your books will be priced at $0. If Bookscouter didn't take them, I checked Amazon Trade-In to see if they were wanted and as a final resort listed them on

3. Grouped books that would sell and packed them up to ship off! 

Most of these buy-back companies have a minimum of $5-15 of books you need to sell to them. Each ISBN that would sell had about 3-5 companies offering prices. I put the top 3 prices into the excel sheet and grouped together the books that would help me fit the minimum selling price and get the most profit. Once I did that, I registered 20 of my books to 4 companies and shipped them off. The whole process took 3 hours and I managed to make $52.66. 

My advice would be to forgo selling any children's books that aren't "classics" and try to sell the books that are best-sellers or were published in the last 5 years. Most other books should probably just be donated. 

Shipping labels are provided by these companies for free and you can get USPS to come pick up your packaged books so that you don't even have to make a trip to the post office! Now I'm rid of all books that aren't needed and have an extra $50 in my pocket. 

P.S. After cleaning for 3 days, I managed to make the living room look like this: breathable. But there's still quite a lot of work to be done! 

As always, feel free to tell me if you liked this post and if you have any questions email me at !

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  1. Grace, your blog is wonderful!
    You're a beautiful writer. Keep it up :)

    1. Thank you Diana! Your encouragement means a lot :) It's been so much fun writing on this blog, I'm glad you can enjoy reading it!


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