amour en ce moment

1:55 PM

Romantically, what I love right now

1. EATING // Philly cheesesteakTrader Joe's Granola Bars 

As is fitting, my eating schedule is first on this list. I love to eat healthy but there are some days when all I want to do is indulge in some fatty meat & carbs. I went to the Harris Teeter deli and asked them to cut up roast beef slices as thinly as they could (So much easier than the last time I tried to do this. We bought a skirt steak, froze it, and slaved at cutting thin slices). And although the provolone cheese is supposed to make it "authentic" I love good ol' processed American cheese with this. I also started a new job which calls for waking up at 5:30 AM and the Trader Joe's granola bars are perfect (and so tasty) to grab when I have to rush out the door.

2. WATCHING // FireflyDollhouse 

These two shows are on Netflix and by the same director: Joss Whedon. I just finished watching Firefly and am now watching Dollhouse and am entirely hooked. I love watching shows with action, drama, and extreme plot twists and these will give exactly that. So so good. 

3. MY LIFE // Identity Theft 

This week someone went through my Facebook, screenshot a bunch of pictures and put it on a "Rate Me" section on Reddit. Someone who reads my blog & goes on reddit found it and anonymously messaged me letting me know. So thank you anonymous person. The post was up for 11 hours and I was extremely uncomfortable having strangers rate me when I did not willingly put this post up.  Thankfully the post is down now but it just reminded me how creepy the internet can be. Please do me a favor and make sure your personal social media sites have updated privacy settings! 

4. LISTENING // Taylor Swift & Lisa Kudrow

Taylor Swift partnered with Phoebe from Friends (Lisa Kudrow) to sing Smelly Cat and I am now officially a fan of her. Gosh, Phoebe is my absolute favorite character from Friends so this put a huge smile on my face. 

5. WEARING // Rocksbox & Ditto 

Rocksbox is a company that will rent you out designer jewelry (unlimited) for $19/month. Ditto will rent you out designer sunglasses for $19/month. The prices seem too good to be true but renting seems to be the new "in". I'm just waiting for a renting platform for designer shoes to come out and I'll be all over that. 

What do you amour en ce moment?

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