Live the Weekend

10:58 PM

 Do you ever have a day when you're wearing an outfit that is so unlike the rest of your closet that you must absolutely document it? Today was definitely one of those days. I raided my roommate's closet and tried out her urban style and ended up loving it.

I have literally never worn a dress with sneakers. I think I'm sold, I am actually seriously considering purchasing a pair of vans! Haha. 

To celebrate the start of the weekend, I went out to Shanghai Dumpling on Franklin Street. In TLDR terms, it's like one of those hidden corner restaurants that have absolutely terrible air conditioning/service but come out with food that deserves an experience.  

If you're in the Chapel Hill area and in a good mood (this is important) I'd check it out. Otherwise, you may end up leaving irritated :) I was in good company and not too hungry so I didn't have a horrible experience. Yelp users would say otherwise..  

In closing, I leave with you this hilarious snapchat my boyfriend took of me. 

Hope you guys have a great weekend! As always, feel free to comment or ask me questions at

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