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1:48 PM

Hi darlings, I hope you've had a wonderful week! 
I personally had an exhausting week with multiple 12-hour work days. To top that off, I finished work Friday and left immediately to travel to DC 
(Thank God for coffee!) for the weekend.

I used to live in NYC and was born a city gal but I am now a southern gal and truly truly prefer the suburbs.

I also have an announcement for my fluent french speakers. Please do not be offended by the incorrect grammar use in amour en ce moment. I love how it sounds and do not mean to butcher your beautiful language ignorantly :)

On to the things that have caught my eye this week

1 // Butter bell crock

I was exposed to my first butter bell crock this week and was amazed! The water keeps the butter from melting completely and really does keep it at a perfect spreading consistency. If I ate toast with butter every day I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this nifty item. 

2 // Companion app 

This is a pretty cool app developed by students at the University of Michigan. It lets you map the path you plan to take and virtually connects you to family and friends. If you stray off the path or if your earphones are jerked off, the app provides easy to push buttons asking if you're okay and if you need to call the police. I haven't tried it out but wouldn't hesitate to use this if I was walking through an uneasy environment. 

3 // PB Teen Golden Glam Desk Accessories

Ummmm, I know I'm not a "teen" anymore but I ran into their desk accessories this week and couldn't help but gasp at how precious they were! I'm a sucker for anything that's gold and has intricate designs. I'll definitely be paying PB Teen more visits in the future! 

4 // Kim Davis Goes to Jail

This entire ordeal has made me extremely uncomfortable. I never imagined the day would come when an American went to jail for practicing their religion. As Americans we are proud of our freedom of speech and our liberty. I do not think it is okay that she was sent to jail for choosing to practice her religion. Is it wrong for her to prioritize her religion above her job? I don't have a solution for how this ordeal could have been worked out but these drastic measures were not necessary. What are your thoughts? 

5 // Thunder Thigh Thinning Circuit

I have a fitness pin board where I literally pin every circuit that's appealing to me. It's rare that I stick to one because 1) I love variety 2) Most of them have workouts that I don't particularly like or are too complex. Well... this circuit has super basic but effective exercises that are easy to come back to whenever I have few spare minutes or am dedicating 20-40 minutes! Check it out :) 

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