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the weekly favorites 

1 // Beast-mode Survivalist 

I saw this amazing video of this guy who managed to build himself a little cottage with a bed and a fireplace. All with items that were around him in the wild (aka wood from actual trees and mud) 

2// Why Chinese Drivers Run Over People with their Cars

I read the most horrifying article this week about how people in China will run over the people they hit with their cars multiple times to make sure they are dead. Apparently, this is done because it's cheaper to pay fines for a dead person rather than one who needs to heal in a hospital. 

3// Southern Living

A website dedicated to southern cooking?! Immediate mouth watering upon 5 seconds of browsing this site. 

4 // Shower in a Cloud  

There's a new water device that came out on Kickstarter called the Nebia Showerhead and it lets you shower in a mist that is more effective at cleaning you than a traditional showerhead. Not only that, it uses 0.75 gallons per minute in contrast to the 2.5 gallons per minute from a regular showerhead. It does have a steep price and there are other options on the market, but this one's pretty tempting. 

5 // #endacidsale

Acid in India is easier to purchase than a single tube of lipstick. What!? Click the # to see the short 1:30 video on "How to apply the perfect lipstick" 

I hope you guys are enjoying a wonderful weekend! As always feel free to ask me questions or comment below. 

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