7 Resources and Tips You Must Have For Your Job Search

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nothing worthwhile comes easy 

The job search can be a long and grueling process. If you're in this process now, you know that any help you get can add some instant sunshine to your day. Your job search doesn't have to be hard. These are some brilliant tips and resources that I guarantee will make your job search easier! 

1. How to Get Hired as a Recent Graduate

Elana Lyn  has in my opinion one of the best "career advice" columns. This article helped me out so much for starting out my journey as a post-grad in finding a job. 

2. The Prepary 

This is another wonderful resource that will provide you basic knowledge for your job search process. I found the Prepary to be most helpful for preparing for job interviews. Jamie worked as a recruiter so she's extremely knowledgeable on the topic of what recruiters are looking for! 


The Levo will provide you job listings, mentors, inspirational stories, connections to people you wouldn't have dreamed of having, etc. Seriously, please go check it out and be prepared to be inspired!

4. Know Who's Reading Your Resume

Another resource I found on Levo! In addition to everything this article has to say, I recommend visiting the website of the company that you are applying to. Browse their website for a listing of their staff or top executives. If you're lucky, you can identify the name of the "hiring manager" "Human Resource Director" "Corporate Recruiter" or any other title that sounds remotely like someone who would be a part of the hiring process. If you find this, it's golden! Make sure to include that person's name in your cover letter, it will make a world of difference and show that company that you care. If you can't find a name online, call the company and ask for it, seriously! 

5. Prepare For Your Phone Interview (aka Research)

When I was getting ready for my phone interviews, I spent at least four hours extensively looking through the company website and answering questions that the recruiter could ask me. The recruiter will be looking to see if your interest is genuine and if you care enough about the company to know its history and their culture. If the word "company culture" is foreign to you, I strongly suggest you take a look at this article and take steps to figure out what the culture of the company you're interested in may be. 

6. Ace Your Cover Letter 

Some other tips I picked up that aren't included in this article: If you're looking at creative jobs, don't be afraid to get creative and don't feel like you have to follow the 3 paragraph format all "cover letter" articles state. I've even heard of somebody printing out their cover letter, signing it, then scanning it in and sending it in. That kind of customization says something! 

7. Always Write a Thank You  

This one speaks for itself but write a thank you after each process. After a phone interview, send a thank you email to the recruiter you spoke to. After the interview, write hand-written thank you's to all of the people you interacted with (even the secretary). After the second interview, write the hand-written thank you's again. Thank you notes will never get old or taken as a nuisance. It shows the commitment you have to the company and your excitement for the job as well! Finally, if you get the job make sure to thank them once again, with a letter and in person! 

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