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on my radar this week 

1// I won a $150 Sweepstakes for Rent the Runway through Levo!

If you guys saw my post on "The 7 Tips & Resources You Must Have For Your Job Search", you saw that I raved about Levo. Well, this week I won a giftcard to Rent the Runway and was so excited! I've been really strict on myself & keeping my budget. I really wanted to buy a dress for a wedding coming up next weekend, but it didn't fit my budget. I like to think this was my reward for having self-control! :) 

2// Pumpkin Patches! 

It's officially fall! If you're in the Chapel Hill area, check out Millstone Creek Orchards!

3// Yummly

I love this app so much. It's always a struggle coming up meals to cook for the week and this app makes it so easy. What I love the most about this app is that you can look up recipes and transfer all the ingredients needed to your "shopping list". It's so easy and fun to use!

4// Lauren Gleisberg Workouts 

I am seriously always on the lookout for new workout intervals and I ran into Lauren's website this week. I love her routine because it's all about getting to a lean and fit state. She has workouts you can do in the gym with weights and even includes modified "at home" workouts. I love that because I don't always have access to a gym with weights! 

5// My Utmost For His Highest 

I took to asking one my favorite facebook blogger groups "The Peony Project" (a space for women who love Jesus, blogging, and community) what their favorite devotional book was. This one came highly recommended and I cannot stop raving about it. The devotions are two pages short yet bring SO much humility, deep devotion, and a true picture of the Gospel. Oswald Chambers is basically a genius. If you want to check it out, try out the newly updated version.

have a great weekend! 

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