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J'adore my loves! The past two weeks have been crazy! I started a new job, got sick, and camped out in a hotel for two weeks while searching endlessly for a place to move into in Raleigh (I finally found the perfect place and seriously I have to say it was God). It is with huge relief that I can say I'm now all moved in and can officially call myself a Raleigh girl and I am so ready to get back into a routine.

With the spirit of Valentine's Day, I wanted to officially introduce you guys to my boyfriend and tell you our story! I hope you enjoy.... :)

Joe is a highly considerate, intelligent, kind, genuine, and manly person. He's also incredibly goofy, laughs at everything, and always seeks out the good in other people. It's also a plus that he's incredibly handsome ;) The most beautiful thing is that I noticed these qualities about him from the very first time that we had a deep conversation together. He was amazing from the start of our relationship and with each year his qualities grow even finer and his attempts to love me well continue to grow. 
Joe and I in higschool 

Joe and I both went to a residential highschool called NCSSM. I was out running one afternoon with my friends when we spotted Joe running by himself. Now, our highschool had a rule that you couldn't go beyond certain borders of the campus without a buddy. Knowing that he shouldn't be running by himself we invited him to join us. I ran everyday and eventually all the numbers of people who ran with me dwindled down to just us two. We went on hour long runs and the time passed by so quickly because we would spend the whole hour running and talking to each other. 

On one particular run I remember Joe asking me about my priorities in life and about my faith. This was a different kind of conversation from the ones we usually had and I really saw him from a different perspective that day. I learned how much he loved the Lord and saw that he had the same morals and priorities as I did and I remember walking back to my room that day thinking "Joe is such a great guy ... and he's pretty cute." I was completely oblivious to the fact that Joe was actually actively pursuing me at that point and I had no idea that he was interested in me. I just assumed we were friends. 

From that day, I found that Joe was on my mind more and more and started to realize that I had feelings for him. My friends were shocked that I didn't realize that he was obviously interested in me. Joe started to take me out on mini dates and it became clear that we both had feelings for each other! I remember wanting to do everything right and telling him we couldn't be official until my parents knew and approved. We became official and graduated highschool together knowing that we could continue pursuing this relationship because we'd be going to the same university. 
Graduating from NCSSM together 
I was lucky enough to have him by side through all four years at UNC and to graduate together. I don't know what I would've done without his support and encouragement! We've had so many great adventures together and I'm so excited for what we'll accomplish in the years to come.

It's been really interesting to see how our relationship changes and develops as our lives transition into having jobs and going to graduate school. I love him a lot and I'm so appreciative of him every day. I truly believe that God placed him into my life and I'm really grateful. Joe has made such an impact on me and made me into a better person and I wouldn't want anything else. 
Well, that's a wrap to our love story! 

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