How I Asked My Bridesmaids: Bridesmaid Boxes!

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Hello to ALL of my darlings! Wow, it's been a hot minute hasn't it?! Typing on this keyboard feels a little strange to me, that's how inactive I have been with my computer. I've been good (if you're wondering), Joe and I have been busy planning for our wedding and work has kept me busy! In terms of the wedding, we have the venue and a date and I just went to go see my alterations lady for my wedding dress. It's all been VERY exciting and SO MUCH FUN! 

I've been waiting for what seems like eternity to show you guys how I asked my ladies to be my bridesmaids. I just got this idea one day and went with it. I actually spent a lot of time planning out all the little details because I am such a details gal. Anddddd, I'm so happy with the end product and so excited to finally share it with you guys! 

During my brainstorming process, I thought about what I wanted my bridesmaids to get as their present and what elements I wanted to incorporate. I knew I wanted my present to represent our wedding colors, our theme, and to show my gals how much I love and adore them! At first, I thought about getting personalized presents for all of my gals but that turned out to be a little more difficult. Then, I ran into @boxandbow and it was absolutely perfect! I really wanted my present to be "handmade" so I got to work finding all of the elements to create my perfect box for my gals! 

Materials Needed
TOTAL: I had a 20% off coupon at Michael's so this ended up being around ~$45 for me! Not bad for making gifts for six people! 

 Our colors are blush gold, forest green, gold, and ivory. I wanted to incorporate all of these colors into my box for my girls. I especially love the gold borders around the box that I put with the gold washi tape!

I put in my favorite picture of me and my gals and inside were some sweets and the faux succulent. Joe and I want to incorporate a lot of natural and organic elements into the wedding so the "plant" was significant of that! Plus, it was a cute and useful piece of decor I felt like all of my ladies would enjoy! 

Creating the details for the card was my favorite part! I created the "Will you be my... bridesmaid" picture on canva and printed it out. If you would like it, I will gladly send it your way! I also had a card with details of our wedding, bridesmaid "duties", and details on what kind of dress they would wear. Then I had another card just listing our colors. 

This was actually really easy to do. I just ripped off elements that were already a part of the box and taped them onto a piece of cardstock paper and it ended up looking really cute! 

I got ten of these AMAZINGLY cute cards from target for just $1. I mean such a steal and I'd been looking everywhere for cards that came with a light pink envelope and it was just convenient that these cards came with them! 

Asking my girls was possibly my favorite part of this wedding planning process so far. They were so excited and overjoyed to be asked be a part of my day and I was giddy this entire week! I'm so excited to finally and officially have a team of gals ready to conquer the rest of this wedding planning process. 

If you love seeing these kind of wedding updates, give a shoutout! I'd love to hear what you think :) You can always follow me on SNAPCHAT @jadoregrace & instagram @jadoregrace. TO keep up with what I'm doing! 

AS ALWAYS, I LOVE Y'ALL!! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading along with me! :)

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  1. Once you get through initial "I know what's best" attitude of the manager here, you will agree that - he DOES know what's best, and he does not treat you like just some paycheck. During my wedding here, the wait staff from wedding venues NYC was absolutely the best.


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