Brewery Bhavana and Boho Details

8:53 PM

This weekend my husband and I ventured to Raleigh for a much needed adventure day. We had just found out that Brewery Bhavana had made the list for America's top ten restaurants. Of course this meant that I absolutely had to check it out.

We started the day at Jubala to give Joe some time to study and then headed to Brewery Bhavana. It did not disappoint. It's unique in that it is a restaurant, a bookstore, brewery, and a flower shop in one. It also didn't hurt that they offered Dim Sum, my craving for soup dumplings would finally be fulfilled. Created by the owners of Bida Manda, I knew that the food and atmosphere would not disappoint.

Of course I have nothing but raving reviews. Unique plants and flowers (some I had never seen or heard of before), excellent aesthetics, really good beer (and I usually hate beer, that says something), and quality mouth-watering food. My husband got the General Tso’s Chicken and I had the Mapo Tofu. We had the soup dumplings as an appetizer and “The Grove” to drink. All were excellent choices, although I think any choice of food you make here would be excellent.

We went at 5:30 PM and had to wait an hour for a table. Of course that time can easily be consumed by entertaining yourself with the books inside Brewery Bhavana or just walking the streets of downtown Raleigh. But, as the night progressed the audience inside Brewery Bhavana got increasingly larger and I’m sure numerous people had to wait an absurd amount of time for a table.

My husband still hasn’t eaten at Bida Manda which is just a shame so that will be our next restaurant to go to for date night! Now to talk about the details of the darling dress I wore, find me anything with flowy material, lace, and intricate details and I will love it.

This piece fit all of those elements, I love the intricate details on the sleeves and how the sleeves flare out. The color is romantic and the boho style of this dress will prove attractive on anyone. It’s one of my favorite dresses. The only downfall is the chest area of this dress which forces you to either wear tape over your breasts or to wear a cute bralette that you would not mind showing to the general public. Yet even this problem can be fixed by tying your bow in the front very tightly.

You can shop my outfit below. What is the best restaurant you've ever been to?

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  1. This is undoubtedly the most special event venue in the city. We had 6 passed appetizers with the Liguria table which consisted of steamed veggies and fruits and breads. I didn't even care that I'd just been to another feast less than 12 hours ago. At wedding venues NYC I could not stop eating.


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