Fall Colors: Maroon Skirt

1:16 PM

Jadoregrace Fall Colors Maroon SkirtLadiiiies! The temperatures are really starting to drop here and I am absolutely LOVING it!! Since we’re still in the phase where it’s cold in the morning and then warm in the afternoon, I’m starting to don fall colors like maroon but still showing a little skin, haha.

Jadoregrace Fall Colors Maroon SkirtJadoregrace Fall Colors Maroon Skirt

Jadoregrace Fall Colors Maroon Skirt

Eventually as it gets colder I’ll add a cardigan, leggings, and boots to this outfit.

Jadoregrace Fall Colors Maroon Skirt

These darling shoes I’m wearing were my mother’s when she was younger. I LOVE wearing shoes that were popular when she was younger and seeing that they are still trendy.

What’s your favorite fall color to wear?!

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  1. I've been looking for maroon pieces for football games this fall!

  2. I LOVE this skirt! I saw a very similar one at Banana Republic but I didn't get it. Really regretting that decision now haha!

  3. I totally love your outfit! Especially your style and the hat! Such a pretty photos.

  4. This is such a gorgeous fall look! I especially love those loafers.

  5. Burgundy/maroon is my favorite shade to wear in the fall. This is a great transition outfit, you look so adorable!

  6. This outfit is so cute, I LOVE the hat and this skirt is so perfect as we head into fall. Two thumbs up!

  7. This whole outfit is calling my name. I can't wait to wear all things maroon and brown. :)

  8. Yes to all the fall colors! Loving maroons and marigolds for the fall!

  9. LOVE this look! I've been doing the same--fall colors, but still for the heat lol



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