5 Reasons You Should Register for Your Wedding with Blueprint Registry

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Hi darlings! Some of my most popular posts on the blog are the ones about our wedding so I wanted to bring you as many wedding tips as I could think of!

Today, I’m talking about THE REGISTRY. To every couple (or at least to the gal) this is probably one of the funnest parts of the wedding process. Joe and I did this one a little differently, we didn’t have the traditional -- “go to the store and scan everything your heart desires” registry day. Instead, I made my registry entirely online (without stepping foot in a store)!

I had wanted to go to a store and register for our gifts there but I didn’t want to be limited to registering to just one or two stores. When I found Blueprint Registry I knew it would be a breeze to do online! These are the reasons I ended up loving Blueprint Registry:

  1. It’s Free and Extremely Easy to Use

    This reason speaks for itself but even with the “cash” registry items, your guests will not be charged a fee for providing a cash gift and you will receive 100% of what your guests have cash gifted you!
  2. You Can Create a Completely Customized Registry

    The perk to Blueprint Registry is that you can register from any store that you want. You’re not limited to just registering at Belk or Crate and Barrel! I was able to register from ALL of my favorite stores including: West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie, Target, and Amazon!!
  3. Unique Options to Add to Your Registry

    Blueprint Registry was actually the one to give me the idea of registering for things like “dinner for two on the Honeymoon” and “Netflix Subscription for One Year”. There are so many neat things that you can register for and this site offers you suggestions that are grouped by the different rooms in your future home (like the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, etc).
  4. Easy Picks for Your Guests

    Blueprint Registry has an option at the top of the registry to sort the gifts by their prices (i.e, <$50, $50-$100, etc). This makes it really easy for your guests to find a gift that will match their budget!

    You also have the option to make any items a “group gift” which means that you can put that pricey item you love but split the cost of it so that it is more budget friendly for your guests!

    Finally, you can choose “Favorites” on your registry to show your guests what you REALLY want!
  5. Extremely Easy to Add Your Favorite Items

    Blueprint Registry has an “Add to Blueprint” button that you can add to your browser to add items to your registry with one click! For example, if I was on Target’s website looking at a chair that I loved, I could easily add this to my registry by clicking on that widget on my browser!

This is what OUR REGISTRY looked like. As you can see, we had items from so many different stores on our registry and it was awesome! To me, it was well worth it to have the flexibility to create the registry that Joe and I loved through Blueprint Registry.

What did you use to register for your wedding? Would you use Blueprint Registry?

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  1. I just had a bunch of friends get engaged - definitely passing this along!


  2. I love this idea! I've looked into Zola, which is a similar registry, so I'll have to compare with this one!

  3. This sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  4. Wow!! This sounds so handy, Grace! :) I'll have to pass on to engaged friends.

    xoxo A

  5. ahh wish I wouldve known about this before we got married! It sounds awesome!

  6. Awesome! Had no idea this existed.

  7. i took a peak at your registry! I love your taste!

  8. I definitely need to check this out! I'm getting to the registry phase now!

  9. I've never heard of this registry option before, but is sounds really easy!

  10. I've never heard of them! I must tell my husbands cousin who is getting married soon.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  11. I haven't heard of them before, but will def look into it for my future wedding!

  12. Thats an amazing idea! :) Great post, and I love your blog!!

  13. This sounds amazing! Wish I had known about this before I got married!

  14. Oh this sounds so cool! Not engaged yet but will definitely keep this on my radar!

    Kayla |


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